The powerful response to an attacking or negative message brought to mind Brene Brown’s Call To Courage, particularly saying there was no more need to justify. Beautifully put. Replying to bullying online can be very empowering if you say what you want to say.

Chateau Cherie

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Being unpredictable can be your best weapon against bullies. Anytime you are predictable in a climate of bullying, you’re a sitting duck. Bullies will soon know what gets you upset, what will get you to fly off the handle and do something irrational and how to sabotage you socially and academically. You must be versatile if you expect to throw the bullies off-kilter.

Predictability is human nature. People are creatures of habit and have a need to see familiarity in the actions of others. If you’re a target of bullying, any predictability on your part will give your bullies the idea that they have control of you.

Understand that the reason bullies have so much power over you is that you’re too darn predictable. You make it too easy for them to predict what you’ll do. Because they’ve studied and picked…

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8 thoughts on “Bullies Always Count on a Target’s Predictability

    • HI Cherie, who was that lady Carol and why did she complain about your article? She wasn’t mentioned by name was she?

      • She was a former classmate and bully from school and she was griping about me writing books about bullying and being an advocate. And I didn’t use any real names in my memoir. I replaced them with fictitious names.

  1. This blog is about me and is so very wrong. I still have all of the messages sent between me and Cherie that day. She is posting her side and not showing the full conversation. This blog has been sent to my attorney because I did not authorize her or you to use my name or picture in such a negative way. I am a home health caregiver for hospice patients and this is so not who I am. I am asking you to please remove this.

    • Hi Carol,
      I was not aware of a person mentioned in this article. I will look at it again and if it is a repost of a blog by Cherie and mentions anyone by name I will remove it. Sorry I only have a visual memory so do not remember what was in this blog. I am not going to cast aspersions on anyone I know nothing about.

      With kind regards

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