The Coronavirus Pandemic must surely be a big wake-up call to remind us to keep safe and look after ourselves. Many trends have been stopped in their tracks, particularly travel, which is giving the earth a break to reset. While we’ve been in lockdown the sun has been shining.


People in London have been lured out by their lack of obligations, the sun and big green spaces. Everyone seems to have taken up jogging. Red faced people puff past, running and walking.


While people are shaming each other on social media, preaching to the converted and ignoring human nature, there is an important message for us all: Don’t Depend on Government – This is Up to Everyone of Us.

The most important thing is to keep two meters apart from people, not touch, not sit together, cough and sneeze on each other, touch the same things (or wash your hands after you do). Why not be social over video chat instead? We aren’t even under house arrest. Think of Julian Assange or maverick film or documentary makers before this time.


Why not become an investigative journalist and publish yourself online. We don’t want theories, gossip, rumours or stated opinion. Right now, people’s own perspectives on what is going on from their point of view is interesting, or fact backed information. This blog will be the first in my series of bringing together information I find that I think make the picture a bit clearer, in my view.

We can keep diaries of this unique time on voice note, video, recording Zoom calls like your own Family Gogglebox, screencast, share photos or type. What about being Lockdown Bridget Jones? The #NewSamuelPepys? Or Hunter J StayatHome?

Self interest

Whatever the rules, life isn’t going to go back to normal until the disease stops spreading and the healthy system can deal safely with the amount of cases that come in. Boris Johnson has gone to hospital for oxygen treatment. He shook hands with people who had come into contact with the virus.

A sense of perspective: Seeing the bigger picture.

Italy and Spain have been in total lockdown for over 3 weeks. Their new cases and death tolls have been in decline for the last few days. Sweden are taking a different approach. Scientists call for greater transparency of data so better analysis can be done. Germany have had many less deaths than the UK, France, Italy and Spain

#StayHome is the tagline everyone is using but it is not a catch-all. The ultimate message is no contact. To stop the spread of any disease, we need to do the following, which are well within our capabilities:

Time is Yours

For those of you not working, all your time at home is now entirely yours. What would you like to achieve? What are you passionate about. If you can’t of anything, right now is an excellent time to focus on something you’ve always wanted to do but not had the time. If you don’t know what to do, maybe this is a good time to find out. When else have the welfare state left you alone like this?

These might be relationships, creativity, managing your finances, housework or home improvements. You want to write a book or do funny or interesting videos. Maybe you can do How To videos on YouTube. What are you good at? Why not share your knowledge. You may want to paint and not have anything to paint with or on. You may not have a laptop but want to write. Everything starts somewhere. This is a really good time for not caring what anyone else thinks and putting yourself out there. You may save someone’s life or make them smile.

Cassart have knock downs on art materials at the moment.

Today, you can listen to your favourite music for free online, you can watch endless TV series or films for £7.99 a month, you could read books. There is also a 2 month free trial on Audible.

Here are the most inspiring books I have read, that I think made a difference to me. The seem to be hard to find on Amazon right now.

Books I’ve loved

The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle (paperback not showing up on Amazon right now)

Men’s Search for Meaning – Victor Frankl

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

Nice Girl Syndrome – Beverly Engel et al.

The Gift of Learning – Ronald Davis and Eldon Braun

Prehistory Decoded – Martin Sweatman (no relation)

Neanderthal Man – Savnte Paabo

Why We Get Fat and What To Do About it – Gary Taubes

The Six Secrets of Successful Weight Loss – John Mansfield (actually best book on food intolerances and the elimination diet – perfect time to find out if you are reacting to any foods).

Are you worried about survival? This is of course understandable, but have you sought out the root of your worry? Why not use the time to work on any areas of your life that are not working the way you want them to right now. You do not need to be alone as Facetime or Zoom, Skype, Snapchat or WhatsApp are all there to speak to people without risking anyone’s health. If, like me, you don’t like calling people for fear of rejection, why not share on social media and ask friends to call you.


Personally, I think the government are being wooly and vague. It is up to us to keep ourselves safe and to not spread the virus. The symptoms of a cold or flu are our bodies fighting it and as this Coronavirus is new, the damage is being done before we show symptoms.

The only stupid thing in my book is Microsoft Windows, as on a Mac, I can move around with the screen locking, screengrab, download images, upload to WordPress all in a click or 2. On Microsoft? Oh nooooo. Not so easy. (Skull and cross bones, skull and gross bones. Angry emoji).

Meanwhile, Reuters have investigated the longer term impacts of the Coronavirus triggered recession and amount of people not working right now. Also, questions are being asked, while new cases in London have plateaued, while the Midlands continues to see a surge upwards.

This is the kind of article, with charts and figures, that gives us a better picture. Thank you BBC for stepping up.

I also think this is important, the antibody test is being rigorously worked on as the way out of lockdown. The aim is to test at home so people know if they are infected or not before symptoms appear.

The other reason not to depend on government or make it too central to your life right now, is to see the global community who are right there with you right now. We can still connect and relate over video chat, so it is definitely not the end of the world if we can’t consume, fly, buy lots of shit made in sweatshops or get totally shit faced in the pub.#

Now is the time for you, like no other. For those who never get the chance, this is #megametime

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