Many a true word spoken in jest. This is in jest.

The government seems to do anything to reclaim cash, without much regard for citizens’ well-being or livelihood. There certainly seems to be a lack of awareness about the realities of getting off benefits and into sustainable paid work.

Here are the reasons why MPs ought to understand the fortunes of people on benefits, especially lifelong claimants, a lot better. And why they are hypocrites:

  • Their lives are all about everyone else telling them what they should be doing, not letting them get on with what they think they should be doing.
  • MPs get money from the public purse, not through producing, marketing and selling products or services.
  • So much time is taken up with red tape and firefighting, that time to be productive is greatly reduced and therefore highly frustrating in their work.
  • If an MP stopped receiving money for work in politics they would probably not have the experience or qualifications to get a commercial job. This is because not many MPs seem to have done many jobs outside politics, law or economics.
  • Whereas people on benefits can’t use any of their own income to leverage themselves into work, whereas people going into politics need to finance themselves until they become an elected councillor as state hand-outs are not there to help you find sustainable paid work.
  • MPs seem to need expenses for all aspect of their lives such as their home, travel, childcare, food and council tax. (Sorry, that’s from the Daily Mail 😦
  • An MP would need a well paid job to be able to afford to stop living off politics.

There you go. There are probably many more examples where MPs could look at their own lives and understand what a human being needs to stop needing money from the state and get into sustainable work.

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