This is a rant, sweeping statements made without back-up proof.

Yet, I think we’re now used to scientists being paid to do the same and “experts” coming out with statements of fact that most people already know. Now I’ve warned you, do carry on reading if you like.

This is not just opinion, but an inquiry for discussion. Do discuss if you have any views on the following.

In the name of “fairness”, there is an obsession with everyone of a working age having a salaried job. But the playing field of possibilities for work and financial sustainability is far from level.

The repercussions of this state of affairs are:

  1. There are nowhere near enough paid jobs for people of a working age.
  2. Many people work hard for too little to live on.
  3. People without paid work are stopped/prevented or hindered from being productive in anyway they choose by this system.
  4. It doesn’t follow that the people who want to work, be productive and contribute are those most likely to be found doing so.
  5. A culture of exclusion is very fertile.

It is a basic human right for people to be useful. Yet, because of the overwhelming shortage of paid jobs available:

  • There is a vastly open landscape for mutual back-scratching and giving jobs to people within a certain network instead of trying to find the best candidate who applies.
  • Discrimination is rife, which discourages able and qualified people from applying to work in certain cultures when they think they’ll be rejected out of hand without being able to find out why.
  • Work environments become more homogeneous, which has been shown to be less productive than diverse workplaces, therefore there is lower performance, less pay, less work, less opportunity etc.
  • People stagnate in jobs instead of being able to use transferable skills and change industries (unless you’re a CEO) and face new challenges.
  • People start to focus on clinging to their jobs, literally for dear life, instead of being good at them.
  • Employers can and often do exploit workers and/or employ the cheapest workforce possible.
  • Laws prevent employers from firing and hiring to get the best results for their company.

People I know on benefits have to battle with the welfare state to take any work they can find as the system seems to prevent anyone from building up their opportunities to become financially sustainable. People are, in a manner of speaking, ‘fined’ for signing off benefits for paid work.

My conclusion:

The welfare state could be creating employers, product makers, entrepreneurs and teamwork to get people off benefits and create more jobs.

Instead of a course on seeking work, how about courses to form a company and sell your own work?

So many people don’t know what they ought to do for work or what they can do. When it’s all about getting paid, people work differently then if they are doing something productive, knowing they can keep a roof over their head, pay their bills and put food on the table.

There’s food for thought anyway. Another blog will be some locally based ideas to suggest a step by step change that is possible.

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