Well, not really. We have to say that don’t we? You have to pay to give us your feedback. You know that we know that if we wanted feedback, we would provide customers with free, quick and easy ways, such as email addresses, to tell us what they think of us. What a terrifying prospect.

I send this email:

Feedback, but not when customers have time to do it, but when you want it?

That itself warrants negative feedback.

Here is my feedback:

Over the last year, I have been doing a Master’s Degree. My Virgin Media account, due to missing communication and whoops, forgot-to-give-me-we-sincerely-apologise-information from Virgin to me as a customer, calling up to ask for information that was hard to rely on as there was no consistency at all, has been over a year of needing constant attention, hand-holding, vigilance, a FORTUNE in phone calls, disruption, incredibly badly timed disruptions, when I’m moving house or on a deadline. Your recent request for feedback (strong-armed for validation more likely) came when I THOUGHT I had 10 seconds respite from Virgin to get on with the rest of my life: eating, sleeping, working, meeting people etc. I had work on, YES WORK, SO I CAN PAY FOR THE SERVICES AS WELL AS CHANGE THEIR KNICKERS, so I could not give this immediate attention when I was asked for feedback.

Having filled these forms in before, I know they are not really requests for feedback. The way questions is asked is so prescriptive that I cannot actually convey any of my feedback using this method. Unhand the word ‘feedback’ so someone else can use it properly.

I was not born, raised, educated and put on this earth to focus 24/7 on the Virgin account that I pay to use. Yet. I have to constantly check that I am paying what I have been assured I will be charged. Then the minute my back is turned, and my attention goes onto earning the money to PAY for the services I use – bang – up goes the tariff for one excuse or another, which hasn’t been communicated to me at any time before. Contracts that lock me in for a year, but don’t mean Virgin need to stick to anything, least of all an agreed tariff. The  price can double, as I think it has done 3 times since I was promised a tariff over the last year. Constant vigilance and attention like a needy child. I am the one who should be paid. For my TIME. if you choose to ignore the gold I’m holding out to you, DON’T CHARGE ME FOR YOUR LOSSES. LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS. I.T. I.S. F.R.E.E!!!!!!!!!

If Virgin genuinely wants to know what customers think, go to FEEFO.com

These surveys you are currently using are really market research, not doing what they say they do for customers at all.

And what reply do you think I get? mmmmm?

Thank you for your email.

We are sorry but this email address is not actively monitored as it is for research purposes only, so should not be used to contact Virgin Media about your account.

If your email is to give feedback, please complete the survey and your comments will be read.

((????????????) That statement has a fat lot of integrity, doesn’t it? I’ve been told I took too long to get round to sending in the survey) Fob off.

If your email is about your Virgin Media Account or services, please contact Virgin Media directly by one of the following methods:

– Dialling 150 from your Virgin Media Phone. It’s free.
– Dialling 0845 454 1111 from any other phone.

Kind regards
Virgin Media and eDigitalResearch

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