I have been with this service provider since 2004, and last year handed over all my bills, smoothly, to someone else, except my phone provider. Yes, all went over smoothly except the one that provides the device over which to do this. Communications? What a laugh.

Over the course of my MA, I have not been living in Cornwall to study, but to exist to child-sit my wifi and phone provider. they are like a mentally disabled child that has compulsive kleptomania, is severely autistic, can’t answer questions and says something different each time, without the slightest clue what responsibility means. It gets something wrong, says sorrrreeeee, and goes and does it again a second later.

Recently, the people using this account got so sick of the don’t believe a word they say phone provider, that they begged me to change it. I called up. the first guy was alienating, kept lecturing me on keeping calm, letting him say his bullshit, leaving me on hold, not telling me for how long and then blasting loud music in my ear without warning.

After I had been promised a tariff for the next year and go on afterwards, but I’m not locked in a contract. They can’t guarantee when prices will have to go up (the tariff I have been promised has been doubled three times in one year). The tariff inflates ever time I’ve had a five second breather from breast feeding this company. I’ve been told the tariff was only for 6 months or some other made-up-on-the-spot excuses that were not mentioned at the time of agreement  Not to mention the caterwauling, unceasing aggravation over the whole six month period, that it ends the minute I think things are finally sorted out.

A week after this phone call, i am emailed to fill in a survey. Apparently, despite the letters I’ve written and what I’ve carefully told them (always at MY expense) on the phone, they don’t know how they are doing with me.

But, I am working. I have deadlines. I can’t drop everything I’ve just been able to focus on and give my immediate focus and attention to this princess of a company. So today I go to fill in the survey as it looks like, although the bill was promised at £24, it looked more like it had gone up by £12 from the inflated tariff that kicked in after 6 months of constant life interruption. In fact the times I go to the loo are life interrupting my round the clock live-in care for my telephone provider.

I press the link for the survey and get:

We are sorry, this survey period has ended and the survey is no longer available. We look forward to your feedback in the future.

Oh! that really says how much they wanted my feedback.

So I send an email.

Follow the next post for more bullshit. These people should have a court injunction to stop them using words if they cannot use them correctly.

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