When you are installing software to assist with Dyslexia, the following process is ironic, anti-dyslexic and an example of lazy communication.

Words are free. Employed correctly, with the tiniest semblance of thought applied, at no greater cost to the provider, people can be left with the energy and attention for other things.

I tried to install Dragon Dictate and the process could have been simple. But no. Here are the unnecessary obstacles it threw at me.

  1. A message pops up saying you need to ‘enable assistive devices’ in the Universal Accessibility Preferences Panel. What? As a picture thinker, that means nothing to me. There are no instructions on how to progress past this, although these are readily available online from competing software. In other words, Abode and Dragon Dictate conflict in system preferences and so I need to change ‘enable assistive software’ when I switch from one of these packages to the other.
  2. It tells me to insert the second disk, leaving me to navigate to Go>Computer>Disk Drive>Eject. I say this because at the end of the process, the same dialogue box suddenly acquires the ability to give the command to eject disk.
  3. Now this is annoying, as this specimen of lazy communication is too widespread for words. It asks for me to register the product and asks for a ‘registration code’. On the back of the disk, it gives a ‘serial number’ In two instances of the SAME item, it gives 2 entirely different names for it. This drives me potty. Why in heaven’s name? Who does this help? No no-brainer. Whatever happened to joined up thinking? Is it now a lost practice like astronomy?

Let’s make this process easy, save everyone time and money and continue the goodwill I’m sure that a product needs to maintain in a financial crisis:

  1. For a box to give easy bullet points: Apple>System Preferences>universal access>uncheck enable assistive technology box. I’m bound not to be the only person with Adobe and Dragon software.
  2. To enable the eject disk command when the 2nd disk has to be inserted. The process showed itself to be perfectly capable of doing this at the end of the process.
  3. To give the Registration Code just ONE NAME in both of the 2 places it is mentioned. It is ONE THING, so GIVE IT ONE NAME. I am called Sophie, not Sophie in one place and Matilda in another.

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