Yes, this is a rant.

This kind of thing is so frustrating.

What do we have here?

Registration Unsuccessful. please check email and password. Check for What?

What exactly am I checking?






This is my attempt at registering for Tweetdeck. Take a closer look.

Do you see any formulas or instructions for what information they want?

Can you spot where it says ‘use the email address you use for twitter?’ I can’t.

I enter a valid email address. As after all, nothing else is indicated. No ‘?’ or help or any other instructions, signposts or information of any kind.

Should I invoice them now for my time, as it is being used up? Unnecessarily. They could say ‘Your password must contain one number.’  By sure dint of non-use of communication, (words are free), I have to guess, to feel around in the dark and try to second guess by dint of telepathy which of my many email addresses and passwords, in which combination, it is going to accept. No.


It has now rejected all my emails, passwords (very carefully and slowly put in to be exactly matched) and all it can say is ‘registration unsuccessful. Please check your email and password.’

Check it for what, Tweetdeck? What am I checking them for? My email is valid. My passwords match exactly. They are correct. 100% accurate and precise. Against which requirement guide am I checking?

You have not spent any time  providing information to guide me so that I may waste hours of my time fumbling around in the dark trying to guess what you are thinking.


This is impossible.

4 thoughts on “What exactly do you need, Tweetdeck

    • Yes, I resolved it to. It was just necessary to let programmers get their little kicks annoying people with unnecessary barriers to get their kicks.

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