While researching for my healthy eating reference app, I’ve found how our immune systems can get out of whack from breaking daily activity routines (e.g. not going out to work), convalescence, being restricted to an hour outside a day, which is particularly tough on people with social anxiety. No information is provided about all the nutrients we need to be healthy (including those we get from environment, walking, wild swimming, forest and sunbathing and eating allotment vegetables irrigated by rain).

Supermarket deli counters have been removed, with more space for packaged empty calories and nutrient stripped foods.

Since deli-counters have gone from supermarkets, there is less freshly made, unpreserved, unprocessed, unflavoured or fortified food available without packaging at a reasonable price.

As we know, Covid can spread in carbon-dioxide from outward breath and oxygen – fresh air from outside – reduces airborne spread by 75%. Masks reduce viral load in confined spaces without much fresh oxygen, which creates sub-infection low doses of virus, which a immune system can bat (excuse the pun) off quite easily.

Lockdowns have reversed all previous health advise by preventing – against the science – plenty of outdoor fresh air. Masks are only useful when worn indoors with little circulation of fresh air, or for sustained close contact with other people, such as on a crowded river taxi. The incongruity of wearing masks outside in fresh, unpolluted air, while not wearing them indoors without ventilation over a sustained period demonstrates the vague and politically led public health messaging from the UK authorities.

Wild Swimming provides nutrients such as magnesium and sulphate, which are helpful to immune and mental health. The exercise keeps our muscles stronger and circulation benefits too.

What does “more transmissable” mean in relatable human terms? In circumstances where exhaled breath carries virus inside a room without ventilation, a “more transmissable” virus would infect more people, further afield in situations where spread would happen. Therefore, keeping distance with other people outdoors would not require mask use, while time indoors in spaces without opening for fresh air, such as on a plane, would absolutely require mask use to reduce the viral load, and oxygen circulation and CO2 extraction would be reduce the chance of severe infection.

With or without vaccination, public transport without fresh air circulation are high risk settings. Masks reduce the airborne viral load, which means a healthy immune system, recent recovery from infection or innate immunity from previous coronaviruses or flu would mean the virus would be less likely to get established. Vaccination protects against severe illness or death but does not prevent infection, whi or spread of the virus, which can be carried into less-exposed populations and spread more quickly there.

For any eating preference, food such as avocados which are mono-unsaturated fats help with absorption of fat soluble vitamins from food or supplements, which are vitamins A, D, E and K. Image by Foodie Factor on Pixabay

It seems our government ignore or forget that COVID-19 can transmit without symptoms. How does anyone know who has the virus or who has had it without easily accessible, free, accurate testing available from home? Surely going into a confined space where infected people go to get tested is counter-intuitive. You catch the virus in that space.

As well as recent COVID-19 infection, vaccines could cause greater reactions in various people. Therefore, to take an antigen test, which shows if some has natural immunity from a virus, would held determine the best time to have a vaccination. How long to wait after recovery from an infection would greatly reduce adverse reactions to a vaccine. It is also important to remember that women have different hormones, chromosomes and increased immunity compared to men, due to fertility, so clinical trials need to differentiate between tests on women and men as well as people of other-defined gender. There also needs to be a way to determine if someone has been exposed to low-dose amounts of virus due to the level of regular challenge and exposure to the virus in their communities. These people may not get infected and could carry the virus to people in less-exposed populations who have not built up any immunity.

Information we do not get from official public health messaging is that in the UK, the sun is too weak to provide vitamin D during the winter, which means it is harder to absorb calcium and other minerals from food. The UK’s recent health and covid-19 outcomes show that this could be corrected with information. Image by Lubos Houska via Pixabay

breathing and collecting contamination around the face. Talking ought to be minimal in a mask or distance is better. Covid would only spread from one person to another after 15 minutes of face to face conversation or close contact. Outdoors, side by side covid wouldn’t get established. Sub-infection levels of viral dose keep immune system trained.

We need to keep fit and healthy to avoid getting severely ill. This means getting all the micronutrients we need to give our minds and bodies the tools they need to work their best. We then need to use those tools by through some activity each day, standing up, walking to work, swimming, going to gym, or going to the beach, carrying and lifting, housework for at least an hour or two a day.

Like avocados, olives work for any genetic or geographical eating preference to provide mono-unsaturated fats to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K from food or supplements. Image by Vegalis Dismas on Pixabay.

Depending on our genes, geography and lifestyle, we never need to reduce, count or measure the food we eat, just trust our bodies to ask for nutrients then say they’ve had enough.

I’ll be writing a blog inspired by feedback at my focus group yesterday, to show plates of nutritious meals versus what the Eatwell Guide or official public health organisations suggest to see the difference. This will include focus on nutrients to make a “varied balanced diet” and “energy in, energy out” according to science and industry sponsored public health advice. These aren’t bad pieces of advice in a helpful, clear, usable context.

Avocado, egg, seeks and brown toast can provide healthy fatty acids, all 9 amino acids for protein, fibre and low GI carbohydrates providing plenty of micronutrients. – Image by FoodieFactor from Pixabay

Metabolic diseases costs the NHS £5.1bn a year directly and £27bn a year through loss of productivity. The top priority now for governments seems to be keeping large, rich corporates happy by allowing them to keep increasingly their profits at the expense of our health and lives.

As we get older, micronutrients get more important to keep us well, but they are just the tools to keep us running. If we sit in our garages we will rust and sieze up. Both my parents were immobilised by hip replacements instead of good diet and activity advice for stretching, weight training and resistance training each day. In the late 70s and early 80s, supermarkets, large food manufacturers, industrialsed farming and mass-production was given a free reign to stock shelves with whatever they wanted.

Regular activity such as yoga can provide a huge amount of mental, physical and immune health, particularly outdoors in the sunshine. Yoga, meaning breath, is great for balance, strength, peace and flexibility. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Subsequently, food manufacturers wanted to remove healthy fats from food as they cannot be preserved and replace them with sugar, preservatives, flavouring with enriched and fortified ingredients to respond to public health targets on micronutrients. This is instead of just telling people what nutrients they need each day.

Public health is a mess and millions of people, particularly in UK and USA with exploitative, corrupt and secretive capitalism, hiding its reality, have suffered illness and loss as a result. It is economy before health and has been for some time.

Political and corporate practice in public health conveys mixed messaging and doesn’t always put the public’s best interests before private ones – Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Facebook blocks a website about the spotlight on Sustainable Development, which criticises the impact of corporate practice on public health by funding research and aggressive marketing methods used previously (exposed in late 1990s) by tobacco companies. Corporates, which deliver our food and health lie to us and hide their activities behind “front groups” which are very deceiptful. Government and associations there to protect us from capitalist, private interests, exploitation, greed and profit-driven agendas are corrupted by power and money and are making the corporate practices official.

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