For those who have not had covid and had both jabs early on, protection drops to 16% which is why boosters are being prepared. Those who have had covid, you could be protected up to 2 or 3 years as with other coronaviruses.

The medical press has had plenty to say about everything going on right now. Here is the BMJ on the state corruption, which is exploding due to COVID-19.

The vaccine does protect those who are vulnerable, post-treatment, immuno-suppressed, elderly, frail and ill for the time the vaccine lasts. Therefore, we need to ask: how many healthy people under the age of 65 have died from covid? Here is an article on vaccination with calls for open, balanced discussion from various health practitioners responses from 2009. Today, Rebecca Coombes is head of journalism at the BMJ, who wrote the attack on ‘anti-vaxxers’, while Iona Heath and others are keeping a low, quiet profile.

The total for Cornwall since start of 2020 is around 580 – including hospitals and care homes. Therefore, is it better to have recovered from covid (various countries say if you have recovered and had one shot, you are well protected – except UK!) or to have a booster for as long as covid is around?

GSSEGIS and Data COVID-19 – John Hopkins University

The Nursing and Midwifery Council website is currently full of hearings against nurses, midwives and nursing associates. There are already multiple names on the list for September. In my view, maybe in yours too, healthcare practitioners have made collosal sacrifices to fight the pandemic, despite low pay, lay-offs, understaffing, long hours, lack of PPE, ignorance from management, privatisation and, most of all, ineffective policy-making and vague and appallingly communication restrictions from government. Measures such as closing pubs at 10pm in September 2020, could only have been huge super-spreader events.

Holding G7 in Cornwall, which had the lowest level of cases before June 2021, seems like negligence of any historical medical knowledge. What have we learned from thousands of years of history about spread of contagious diseases? it seems the Plague of 1665 was better contained and managed, with none of today’s technology, travel or telecoms. From the Conquistadors spreading diseases to South America, the New World needing Africans to build the new economies in North America, to Eyam in the Peak District electing to quarantine itself to prevent the spread of the plague and sensible measures to restrict the spread of the Spanish Flu taken in New York, not to mention shops shutting in the face of a doctor returning from work in Sierra Leone during the ebola outbreak, nothing has been learned, or it has been willfully ignored as inconvenient.

Here is the government’s report on adverse reactions, or yellow ard reports – from the vaccines. How much of this is attributable to not testing people for existing immunity or antibodies before administering a jab?

When you put this information alongside length of protection from the vaccine, different outcomes from COVID-19 for men, women, age and ethnicity and length of immunity after recovery from COVID-19, a call for greater individual care for people is sensible to help end the pandemic. Meanwhile, governments, society and the media are handing rights and validation to vaccinated people, while they are excluding, blaming, shaming and labelling those who have not. This could extend the pandemic, further spread misinformation and mislead vaccinated people as much as unvaccinated ones into a false sense of security or insecurity.

Israel was the quickest and first contry to start vaccinating its population. This is where they are at:

John Hopkins University, 3 September 2020 cases. Deaths have risen since early August to average 29 a day.

It is interesting that generally virus outbreaks don’t like heat and cases go down during the warm summer months, as COVID-19 did do in the summer of 2020. The vaccine was also designed to reduce hospitalisation and death, which it has done in countries with good vaccination cover. However, community levels of immunity have been ignored, with people travelling from high-density populations where vaccinated and unvaccinated alike have been exposed and challenged by COVID-19, such as London or Manchester, to rural unexposed populations, such as Cornwall.

The part of Falmouth fenced off for the world’s media became a hotbed of Covid in June 2021.

Police, media, protesters and politicians with local hospitality staff and reporters left COVID-19 cases in Falmouth and St Ives, which reproduced around the whole county, aided by the reintroduction of indoor socialising, gatherings, festivals and events. To me, this calls for better management, clear communication and objective, agenda-free leadership. It seems as if double vaccination led people to relax too much and stop avoiding crowded places, close contact or indoor confined spaces.

C-19 Symptom Tracker app by Zoë Global – 5 September 2021 – shows increase since start of June, with G7 setting up their media centre at the end of May.

Humans need access to facts, data and objective information to help people make the right choice for themselves seems even more necessary and justified. Meanwhile, people who have mentioned adverse reactions have been sanctioned. This would increase distrust in the same way as any secrecy or gagging order.

“The terms parasite, pathogen, and infectious disease are often used interchangeably in disease ecology to describe organisms that live in or on and obtain resources from a host, usually to the host’s detriment. Strictly speaking, however, disease is a pathogenic condition of a host sometimes caused by a pathogen or parasite; thus, diseases are not transmitted between hosts but pathogens and parasites that cause disease are.”

Nature – Kilpatrick, A. M. & Altizer, S. (2010) Disease Ecology. Nature Education Knowledge 3(10):55

We need an objective, transparent and fact-based look at the bigger picture of the COVID-19 pandemic, with unbiased reports of treatments, hospitalisations, side-effects, deaths and Long COVID. We need to see this by gender, age, ethnicity, settings and industry. We ought to be logging who is getting infected, where and with personal context. Free and widely available testing and measuring adaptive immunity would prevent over-dosing from vaccination, with health consequences for individuals. Attacks on hesitancy are ablaze. If someone wants information or answers, they ought to be able to get these before making personal choices to protect their own health and that of the close friends and families.

Prevalence of respiratory viruses among adults, by season, age, respiratory tract region and type of medical unit in Paris, France, from 2011 to 2016 –

Here is an article warning about a bat coronavirus from 2015 in Nature Magazine. It seems as if these warnings were ignored and governments chose to look away. Could this have left a SARS-like coronavirus mutate into the highly transmissable, viral load dependent COVID-19 outbreak.

Lockdowns and claims to “Flatten the Curve” were carried out ineffectually, too late for people using public transport and going to work in cities, to not prevent any unnecessary spread of Covid. The timing of the lockdown nationally, could mean that Cornwall was saved from surges of cases in 2020, despite Eat Out to Help Out, closing pubs at 10pm, return of universities, schools and a huge influx of tourists with more people having holidays in the UK.

The more it transmits, the more it becomes resistant to vaccines. This means we ought to remember, “We are all in it together”, have access to clear, objective and fact-based information and must make personal informed choices, free from nagging, pressure or coercion. We know from Zoë Global and King’s College Hospital that even identical twins do not respond to food in the same way.

This previously peer reviewed article by scientists pleading for caution in the vaccine roll-out to keep data transparent was shot down for a claim that for every 3 lives saved, 2 were lost. Proof was not present to show those deaths after covid-19 vaccines were attributed to the vaccine instead of other causes of death. However, the heavy-handed language used to smear and attack the authors seems a little aggresssive and conclusive for a scientific paper.

An interesting piece here on the Pharmaceutical Integrity Coalition about ways that pharmaceutical companies put pressure on sales reps, feign ignorance if they are caught and act illegally to push their products aggressively. Brian Mahany, a False Claims Act attorney, says evidence can lead to rewards, which may incite corruption itself. According to Mahany, more sales reps are coming forward and pharmaceutical companies are paying billlions in fines, but there is further to go. Has this been happening over COVID-19 vaccines? I’ve taken a look at what the FDA say about Ivermectin in more detail.

If the vaccine battle against covid might be lost, not for lack of arms, but misuse as usual, the next war will be waged over treatments. The FDA is approving various drugs for emergency use and suppressing the use of other ones, using aggressive tactics to smear their advocates of ‘misinformaion and pseudoscience’ – Image by Pexels from Pixabay

“Ivermectin is approved for human use to treat infections caused by some parasitic worms and head lice and skin conditions like rosacea.”

“Ivermectin tablets are approved by the FDA to treat people with intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis, two conditions caused by parasitic worms”

Currently available data do not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19. Clinical trials assessing ivermectin tablets for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 in people are ongoing.

Seems that Ivermectin is spoken about as if it is dangerous, yet trials are ongoing and data is inconclusive so far. FDA. “Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19”.

The FDA is partly funded by “Industry User Fees” which removes impartiality to its approval. Here is an investigation from 2015 into the links from money to approval. Meanwhile U.S. signs $1.2 bln deal for 1.7 mln courses of Merck’s experimental COVID-19 drug in June 2021. In January, 2021 an “antibody cocktail” was given FDA emergency use approval by the FDA and then Roche says Actemra-remdesivir trial fails to cut hospital stays. Now in September 2021, Pfizer and Merck are expanding trials for an oral pill,seemingly ignoring lessons learned about Tamiflu, all exposed between 2009 and 2014.

On one hand the article warns people about animal medications, but also says that Ivermectin tablets are approved by the FDA to treat people. A little self-contradiction and cognitive dissonance there. Perhaps they could say that Ivermectin is not currently approved for treatment for COVID-19 and trials are ongoing. This doesn’t seem to be the case though.

Meanwhile, Roche have had drugs for COVID-19 passed by the FDA for Emergency Use and Merck are now developing a “Tamiflu for COVID”. This seems to be a very unfortunately or ill-chosen name, particularly since Tamiflu came under fire in 2014 and was shown to be ineffective against a flu pandemic.

Here is a Guardian article about Roche’s trial data being exposed by Cochrane Collaboration with one of their reviewers suing Roche over Tamiflu, as reported by the British Medical Journal here.

Meanwhile, the Front LIne Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, FLCCC think that the FDA is conflating warnings against using medicines intended for animals, those not prescribed by a physician with discussion and interest in a potential treatment. Warning people against something dangerous and slamming curiosity, even from care professionals, should not be intertwined. This suggests bias and possible conflict of interest.

What about medication? Where is trial data on women and people with past infections? Pharmaceutical companies forget that pregnant women have raised immunity to protect their babies – hence food cravings and morning sickness.

I have discovered that a heated debate is raging across social media amongst the media, journalists, doctors, patients and scientists about the use of an anti-parasitic drug used in humans and and animals called Ivermectin. Discovered for its anti-parasitic properties, its creators received a joint Nobel Prize in 2015. The FLCCC recently cite incidents in India and the US where Ivermectin has proven successful against covid-19 infection. Look at the bias, subjective arguments, cognitive dissonance (one M.D. even said they would not administer Ivermectin but continue with vaccinations, masks and distance even though these would not save severely ill patients). If you enter Ivermectin into a search engine the official narrative is strongly against, to the point of calling it a ‘horse dewormer’. What, pray tell, is ketamine? A horse tranquilizer. See the difference in heat between Ivermectin and ketamine with this website about ketamine use.

Irish discoverer of Ivermectin jointly wins Nobel Prize for medicine

Irish-born biologist William Campbell has jointly won the 2015 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in the discovery of Ivermectin. Article confirms its development for human use here. (Article copyrighted so could not quote it).

Vaccination against covid can prevent severe disease or death in the vulnerable. It can cause adverse reactions in healthy people, particularly those with recent undetected infection. Reports of myriad people’s experiences with the vaccine, COVID-19 and being shot down by others – even close friends and family – when they share their adverse reactions are firing the flames of heated division. Open and balanced discussion, sharing information, while reservating judgment seems to be becoming a hazy memory from times when adult discourse was more mature than it has become today.

Cognitive Dissonance is a type of gaslighting, where you start to doubt your own mind and instincts in the face of contradictory information where facts and analyses do not add up – Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Most of us want to primarily make our own choices, access information, get tested and be able to read about what is going on from objective reporting. We know when we are being told what to think. Most of us experience this continually through our upbringing from parents and teachers at school.

However, information, as I aim to gather here, which presents many aspects of COVID-19 and its impact on global humanity aims to help you fill in the bigger picture as you see fit. We’d like to make informed choices about our health and to know what is the best thing to do. I disagree with strangers flippantly telling me what to do about health. I sit here for hours digging on the Internet for objective information, facts and data so I can find out what is going on. My mother and grandmother died at my age of 50 and I really want to live on healthily as I enjoy my life and health. Personally, I do not believe that the NHS and Public Health England present good health information, which lets us find the best choices for our circumsances, risks, age, gender or health status. The whole thing is like a maze full of hidden traps, threats and black holes. This makes many thoughtful people highly suspicious.

We must remember to attribute some of the responsibility for a well financed and organised anti-vaccination movement, alongside wide-spread vaccine hesitancy just for covid-19 vaccines not jabs in general, onto pharmaceutical companies. All of our actions have consequences. Those of big, rich powerful organisations with huge marketing budgets and political influence are not going to be impotent. A Stat News article says;

That’s a sad truth: The awful reputation of the pharmaceutical industry is now inhibiting the use of some of its most lifesaving products

Stat News, 2019. Pharma’s tarnished reputation helps fuel the anti-vaccine movement

A crop of articles published before 2019, suggest that vaccination were already at the centre of a debate about efficacy, use on children, the risk presented by diseases and recoveries with or without vaccination, which also raises the discussion on threat from infection weighed against risks from vaccination. The BCG vaccination against Tuberculosis was pre-empted by an immunity test and not given to those who presented antibodies. I don’t think that has even been considered for COVID-19, although the government are slowly rolling out antibody tests, which can also be bought privately. I was invited by the Zoe symptom tracker app to have a government antibody test and have not had my invitation to claim it or any other communication. Therefore I have bought one from BiosureUK

As mentioned, I am working hard to remain objective and to find and follow unbiased facts, not led by any agenda or propoganda. The one thing, though, which might nudge me one way or another is tone. It seems as if highly-paid corporate marketeers either do not recognise or completely ignore the gut instinct response to smears, labels, blame, aggression, attacks, finger-pointing and silencing opposing views.

Diversity, objectivity and multiple voices around the table have always improved solutions for a wider section of society. The right/wrong, good/bad and competitive “only one answer” tactic is always one thing: Projection.

We all enjoy drama, but connections, security, health and communication must remain more important – Image by saving up for a new camera 📸 i will be glad to donate💲 from Pixabay

It seems to become increasingly difficult to read around any subject, which is hotly contested in the politicial sphere right now. An open Google search on a subject results in a list of articles, which all come from the same point of view. We seem to have lost objective reportage. Tweets, which could be said to discuss important issues, reach 0.01% of my followers, yet explicit pornographic videos by nobody I follow would appear regularly on my feed, unless I switched off ‘sensitive content’, resulting in many innocent tweets being hidden “because I have chosen not to see them”. No Twitter, I choose not to see porn. What about children, has Twitter considered how easily they could see their parents’ newsfeed?

Unattended baggage is evidently stuff people no longer want to take with them – Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Advertising at the moment and in recent years has seemed to be increasingly unhealthy. Although the actions of the tobacco industry in pushing cigarettes to children and denying that nicotine is addictive have been curbed, now vaping accessories are being pushed by none other than the Department of Health and Public Health England as a healthy alternative to quitting tobacco. Vaping products are made by tobacco companies. I’ve discussed here how Vitamin D and sunlight information on the NHS website was downplayed to a mere beauty tip during 2020, while COVID-19 and record deaths in the UK raged around us. Adverts are full of junk food and alcohol sponsorship of sport and comedy, with fast food chains such as Macdonalds with their annoying and rude whistle sign off. Foods claim to be high in micronutrients. In America, rises in drug advertising is noticeable as this article shows.

Back to COVID-19, another difference of opinion, which will increase widespread confusion and therefore disengagement, is over immunity from recovery from COVID-19. Nature and National Institutes for Health both say that recovery from COVID-19 infection, whether symptomatic or not, lasts months if not years. This is in line with coronaviruses in general, compared to rhinoviruses. Other reports even say a common cold could protect you against COVID-19. With little evidence for complete reinfection at all, it would seem sensible to focus vaccination on those who had not been exposed to COVID-19, to help stop the spread. If a disease cannot establish itself, it is less likely to spread. The Vaccines Alliance, GAVI, also reported long lasting immunity after recovery from COVID-19.

There seems to be a lack of transparency about COVID-19 vaccine trials, which can fuel widespread distrust. Were trials on women reported? During 2020, articles appeared in the press about under-representation of women in clinical trials being under-reported and conditions such as endometriosis, which affects 1 in 10 women during their fertile years, being dismissed by a male-dominated medical profession, which did not serve, treat, recognise or understand conditions, which affect only women or women much more frequently than men. Here the Pharmaceutical Journal speaks openly about it:

“Not only do men and women respond differently to disease — a fact first noticed by Hippocrates during an influenza outbreak more than 2,000 years ago — they also respond differently to the pharmaceuticals used to treat it.”

Pharmaceutical Journal. Rachel Brazil (28 May 2020). Why we need to talk about sex and clinical trials
Men and women differ enough for drugs trials to require separate studies – Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

There have been medical articles showing the protection from COVID-19 vaccines wanes after 5 or 6 months, more for the Oxford Vaccine than BioNTech. There were inquiries whether women needed the same dose of vaccine as men, particularly when women, especially pregnant women, have different chromosomes, hormones and immunity from men. Also discussed in medial publications was whether people who have recovered from COVID-19 needed 2 doses. These are all important queries in light of reactions to the vaccine, whether tests are quick and easy to access, if information is shared about waiting to be vaccinated for a period after recovery and reports of more women than men developing long COVID.

I just did a search for that classic quote about propoganda and projection and only found links to partisan blogs, which predominantly right wing accusing “leftists”, not the other way round, or discussions about who did not say it. No exact info, such as who said it, when, where or why or if the information is not known or lost. While searching for the means of propoganda quote: “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty” I found this little gem:

“There was no point in seeking to convert the intellectuals. For intellectuals would never be converted and would anyway always yield to the stronger, and this will always be “the man in the street.” Arguments must therefore be crude, clear and forcible, and appeal to emotions and instincts, not the intellect. Truth was unimportant and entirely subordinate to tactics and psychology.”

Reuters, Fact Check. Quotes. Trevor-Roper, on Goebbels (1979) an interesting article

I wish my dad who died in 2013 after much plane travel, who had just been diagnosed with cancer, and all those people who died in 2016 had been vaccinated against respiratory viruses in circulation, which our government ignored or called a bad flu season or wrong strain of the jab. However, vaccines against colds had not been successfully created as they were not funded and were considered too hard to sell to healthy people.

We also conveniently forget that a healthy adult will have 2 colds (rhinoviruses) a year and children might have up to 9. Since coronaviruses have increased their circulation over the last decade, heavier colds were happening in a 2 year cycle instead of seasonal spread. Remember, employers did not see the longer-term economic effects of letting people stay at home to reduce spread of symptomatic colds.

Sitting outside away from crowds would have been way healthier during lockdowns than spending 23 hours inside with close family contacts – Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

We ought to stay outside, avoid crowds and close contact with strangers, to not spread the virus and prevent creation of hotter resistant strains. It seems like John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids (1955, Michael Joseph), where society is split into the accepted and the unacceptable are pushed to survive in the Fringes by biological segregation. Wyndham also wrote The Chrysalids, which haunted my childhood nightmares with images of Chrysalid-poison infected blind people raiding stores for food during a national lockdown. An example cited of a leaky vaccine was Marek’s disease, in which chickens were saved from death by the virus by a vaccine, only to spread it to more chickens until any unvaccinated birds would die of the hotter strains spread by the vaccinated.

We knew in 1665, that spreading diseases was safer to avoid and to contain contagions by managing people movement. It is natural for vaccines alone to not end pandemics and outbreaks were always a cause for concern as more hosts increase the chance of mutations. Evidence shows that women and men respond differently to Covid-19, so why don’t we report clinical trial data separately, as Science Mag asks here.

Vaccines help keep unpleasant diseases under control and over-focus on COVID-19 could trigger a nasty flu season or outbreaks of TB or polio. In 2005, reports, such as in Health Affairs showed that pharmaceutical companies were gradually abandoning vaccines and although we are becoming more resistant as a species to anti-biotics, another incredible medical intervention, no new ones have been developed for 10 years as they don’t make any money.

An interestingly honest remark by Sharon Begley in her Stat News article on 4 February 2020, considering what might develop from COVID-19 being allowed to spread is:

“On the bright side, if a coronavirus infects enough people regularly there will be greater business incentive to develop a vaccine and other countermeasures. That never happened with SARS because it died out, leaving no market for such products.”

Begley also wrote: “…the current four “are already part of the winter-spring seasonal landscape of respiratory disease,” Adalja said. Two of them, OC43 and 229E, were discovered in the 1960s but had circulated in cows and bats, respectively, for centuries. The others, HKU1 and NL63, were discovered after the 2003-2004 SARS outbreak, also after circulating in animals. It’s not known how long they’d existed in people before scientists noticed, but since they jumped from animals to people before the era of virology, it isn’t known whether that initial jump triggered widespread disease.”

Stat News, 4 Feb 2020, By Sharon Begley Feb. 4, 2020

In the interests of presenting different views to see the way their messages are being delivered, unconcious biases and other considerations, which I personally consider to be important, here is a website called Total Health, which presents the views of silenced and censored doctors such as Dr Robert Malone, who created the mRNA technology used in vaccinations.

“Dr Malone says, “.. what is being done by suppressing open disclosure and debate concerning the profile of adverse events associated with these vaccines violates fundamental bioethical principles for clinical research”.

With regard to the use and abuse of misinformation, the inventor of these vaccines says that the public have to be given accurate information to allow informed consent. He says, “The suppression of information, discussion, and outright censorship concerning these current COVID vaccines which are based on gene therapy technologies cast a bad light on the entire vaccine enterprise. It is my opinion that the adult public can handle information and open discussion. Furthermore, we must fully disclose any and all risks associated with these experimental research products”

In short, it is simply not possible to arrive at a position of informed consent unless you have access to the full facts around your options and the associated risks and benefits.

Are people getting full facts on COVID vaccine risks? Published 28 June 2021, updated 21 August 2021

The above article presents a list of citations, which include an article by the BBC, which is casting speculation on immunity from the wild virus as well as or instead of the vaccine. There is no doubt that COVID-19 is to be avoided by everyone, but have we focused enough on protecting those on the front line, our elderly, ill, recovering or vulnerable members of society and to reduce the spread of the virus and opportunity for resistant strains to emerge?

Personally I do not think those that claim to protect people or try to end the pandemic are doing so effectively at all. I think they are lying. Censorship and silencing opposing views is like an infantile, playground tantrem. “I WANT TO HAVE MY WAY”. In my view we have had bias, censorship, silencing, shaming, ridicule, bullying and general playground behaviour from corporations, governments and the media against ordinary people and dedicated professionals doing their best in their line of duty.

We have seen a level of cruelty against citizens, not allowed to say goodbye to their relatives or attend funerals. Meanwhile politicians continue with their holidays, summits, extra-marital affairs and trips to Barnard Castle. We’ve seen indifference to our fellow creature in pursuit of profit or power, which was previously only read about in war history books, science fiction and dystopian portrayals of tyrannical regimes. Is it any wonder there are many people doubting the official narrative, particularly when one side of a story, which does not exist in reality, is presented on social media and search engines. Where data is available, it is scattered around into a sea of different pockets of realms of lists and figures. Terms are explained on page 5 and labelled differently on a graph on page 18. It patronisingly says “we don’t want you to worry your pretty little head”. Opposing arguments are scolded with “misinformation and pseudoscience” like a child sneaking a snail from the biology lab into their locker to observe it climb a wall.

A snail climbing a wall would teach an inquisitive child a few things about nature – Image by Aline Berry from Pixabay

It is any wonder at all that human interaction and communication has descended into immature, playground bullying and rewarding the kid who tells on the rest of class? Objects are imbued with infantile personalities with first person pronouns. Before you speak you are bulldozed into saying what other people want to hear. People are not expected to carry their own baggage or confront their own issues. Instead they are medicated and pitied, while those that do try to tackle their damage are locked up in mental institutions or silenced in other ways.

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