In my view, the vaccine roll-out is being carried out in a brash, divisive and careless way.

Had clear and effective guidelines and a strategy to prevent sickness, deaths and further transmission been followed, we would be out of this by now.

Instead, people are being coerced to have a vaccine instead of being able to stay safe. Once they’ve had vaccine and pressured others to do so without informed consent, they can’t wait to end social distance, go to nightclubs, party and cram into pubs to watch football.

This doesn’t take the wider community into account. The virus has reached people who have been alone, isolated and careful for 18 months because we’re not “all in it together”. That would involve considering whether the vaccine stopped transmission by starting with those most exposed to the virus and allowing time off for two weeks after vaccination. This requires communication, transparency and honesty, all of which have been completely missing.

How are there so many immuno-suppressed people: those with ME, MS, Fibro-myalgia, CFS? We need to ensure clinical trials represent women and results are reported per gender. Women’s health can be ruined by medication doses set for men. Fertility age women face long-term health threats because of our chromosomes and the immune response to threats to protect childbirth. Short term capitalism is destroying humanity and the planet for a quick buck. Now Siberia is burning.

Yet women with aches and pains going to their doctors get dismissed and told it is anxiety. This is because women are not sufficiently considered or served by the medical profession, which increasingly focuses on cures, not prevention.

We need a prevention strategy to stop covid spreading. The vaccine plays a part, but we must not have a system, which allows people to think they are immune and do not spread the virus, which is blatantly untrue.

We as a nation do not consider children’s health properly. Healthcare has become big business, which puts profits first and people’s welfare as mere inconvenience. So much for the Hypocratic Oath for medicine “first do no harm” ? If we are going to prevent this government overreach so we can have control back of our own lives, we need facts, data and be able to make our own informed choices. This requires diverse, inclusive community discussion, listening, collaboration and planning. We must work together and fall foul of the government’s divisive, arrogant and ignorant whims. Boris Johnson delayed the “circuit breaker” until it was too late last Autumn because he didn’t want to admit Starmer was right. Leaders should be above politics.

Women’s health, men’s health, children’s health, elderly health and all health matters and we all know ourselves best. UK has second highest childhood mortality in Europe (behind Malta) and we lose 12 adults a week to Sudden Death Syndrome.

I call for better understanding of health and representing and reporting for all clinical trials. We need prevention and healthcare not cures and sickcare. The corruption and conflicts of interest have gone on too long.

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