Luckily, an increasing amount of people are becoming aware that the current government’s focus has never been on public health or putting the nation’s interest first.

It has always been on a fiscal agenda. Every decision and action has been on power and money, from the role of Public Health England, which favours pharmacy over staying healthy, to the VIP lane to hand contracts without due to process or putting out to tender to companies with an approved connection.

These actions have never seemed aimed at preventing the virus from transmitting and reducing strain on the NHS.

12.03.2020 – Prof John Newton advising Matt Hancock to stop quarantining people arriving in the UK, testing and contract tracing because “there will be millions of cases”.

16.03.2020 – Prof Neil Ferguson’s Imperial College paper on non-pharmaceutical interventions, which suggested keeping restrictions in place for 12-18 months until a vaccine was ready and warning that an elimination strategy as used in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan (with way more experience handling viruses) would be a huge economic burden.

The government ignored and all advise from scientists to use face masks inside for short periods of time, socialising outside and deploying call centres for people to get information and to ensure give time off for those testing positive to stay at home for 10 days and kept this advice secret.

Testing targets were missed. It seems as if the whole fanfare about testing was just for show. All 3 lockdowns started after the peak. Pubs closed at 10pm in September as students went back to university. Hello? People all travelling at the SAME TIME in cities and clustering at bus stops and train stations? HELLO? One hundred years ago they knew better during the Spanish Flu pandemic and staggered opening times in New York to spread out commuting on the Metro and providing support so no one had to go to work while infected.

When the lockdown lifted on 5 July 2020, we were all outside. Social areas outside were created, which sadly closed early causing people to cram back into pubs. However, apart from poor old Leicester, there were few cases or deaths for 10 weeks during the summer. What does that tell you Tory Government? BIG FUCKING CLUE about the spread of the virus and how to prevent before mutations and variants come along……Better late than never??????? Oh never mind.

How viruses behave is being ignored. COVID-19 is not something different. Even if it started, as other viruses have, by escaping from a laboratory, it is way too sophisticated to be made by man. We should stop overestimating our so called leaders. They are simply lazy, stubborn, arrogant and greedy. Decisions are made, which impact millions of people, so our prime minister doesn’t have to admit he was wrong and the opposition were right. If Labour are not providing opposition, this suppression may be why. “We can’t point out this obvious point or Boris will never do it”.

We cannot beat nature, control nature or switch it off but it could wipe us out if it wanted to. Previous outbreaks of plague, cholera, small pox and other diseases come from nature to control a dominant species, which is destroying other parts of nature, so it retaliates.

Perhaps storms are the Earth’s immune system at work trying to stop us mining, quarrying, fracking, drilling and mono-cropping instead of working alongside nature as hunting, gathering and foraging early humans once did? You may have different views but THERE IS NOT ONLY ONE ANSWER. If humans do not learn to interact, listen to diverse views, see perspectives from other people’s experiences and understanding and find commonal truths shared by many for big answers and better solutions, which help more people – which is how our species have survived – then we will be wiped out by forces of nature.

Here are my suggestions to avoid infection from COVID-19 and to prevent spreading it, while enjoying your summer, socialising, being with friends, having adventures, enjoying yourselves and reducing stress from media, politicians and other systems with their own agendas who do not care about you or me.


By staying outdoors as much as possible, you greatly reduce exposure to catching COVID-19. It is airborne and the outside air blows most of pathogen away. Sit outside pubs and restaurants while the temperature allows it and umbrellas can shelter from rain.

Spread out

Use the space to not sit too close and avoid talking face to face. If someone is infectious, by not wearing a mask and staying outside you greatly reduce the risk of catching it.

Natural immunity

Keep your immine system healthy by getting exercise, having conversations every day, watching comedy you enjoy, swimming in the sea, eating nutritious, real food, ensuring you get vitamins A, C and E and vitamin D from sunlight for 10 minutes to half an hour before putting on suntan cream. If you have very pale skin, which burns easily, a vitamin D supplement would safer. If you have recovered from COVID or had vaccines, we are all still in this together and need to avoid spreading virus from one person to another. The vaccine protects you, not others. People with both vaccines are still catching covid and transmitting it to others and we need to stop it spreading together.


For maximum protection from masks, wear them for essential shopping or using indoor facilities and avoid talking. The mask provides a useful barrier against any pathogen floating around or if you touch shared surfaces and then your face. Worn just indoors for short periods of time and by staying outside and away from crowds as much as possible, the risk of a contaminated mask is reduced. If you have tested negative for COVID-19, wearing a mask on public transport and in crowded shops and areas is a barrier.

A fresh or cleaned mask for each outing would increase your own and others’ protection if covid is in the air. The more covid around, such as in the hospital, the greater the viral load, which can increase severity of disease and reduce our resistance against it. Therefore avoid healthcare settings as much as possible and do what you can to stay healthy and keep your immune system running efficiently.

We need to focus more on prevention to reduce avoidable illness and infection. That includes not spreading viruses, which are affecting more women than men because of insufficient attention on women’s health.

Parties and socialising

Try garden festivals for family and close friends, where everyone is outside. What about an outing for your best friends or family? Prices for groups of 6 can be reasonable. Maybe a camping trip? You could rent or buy a luxury camper van and park it by the sea. With all the beaches open to families and safe from virus – WHO THE HELL THOUGHT STAYING INDOORS ON A HOT SUNNY EASTER WEEKEND WAS A GOOD IDEA???!!!! – it seems as if sand castles are coming back into fashion.

Work and University

You may be involved with an organisation, which is following government guidelines and insists you sit in a room with windows shut, no ventilation and lack of awareness (still? Thank you government) about how the virus spreads. Without criticising anyone else, state your request clearly and say what you are comfortable doing, for yourself. I was called for Jury duty in the middle of the lockdown last June and deferred it as I wasn’t comfortable being in a room all day wearing a mask, as I had never been in that level of exposure indoors.

I was then called up again for Jury Service in the middle of Lockdown 3, at the height of the hospitalisation peak. I work from home so I am not comfortable dodging covid indoors all day inside. Yes, I feel for those who are obliged to do this. In the end, I asked for a second deferral on the basis that I am hard of hearing and cannot lipread with facemaks on. They withdrew my call up, which was a huge relief. If you know your own health and risks, as well as how viruses transmit, to who, when and in what settings or circumstances, you can do this.

On the upside, the whole pandemic can present new opportunities for changing jobs, negotiation, increased creativity, more healthy outdoor activities and increased exercise, new social opportunities and a greater appreciation for your surroundings.

Medications, Cures and Remedies

It seems even the most cautious people still think one medication or another is harmless. I do not agree. When I have had a cold in the past, I will take extra Vitamin C – as we need it each day and a healthy person disposes of what they don’t use each day – echinacea – I was amazed there was a full stock in Trago just before the first lockdown – and inhale eucalyptus tincture in a large bowl of boiled water with a towel over my head. However, theses remedies work more for rhinoviruses, which attack the nasal passages and sinuses, which is why we call them “head colds”. A coronavirus attacks the lungs, gut and organs. There are seven coronaviruses, including the respiratory OC43 and NL63, which have been circulating in the UK for years. COVID-19 is much more transmissable than MERS or SARS, because 99% of people get such mild symptoms that they keep up their daily lives and routines, spreading the virus without realising it, mostly indoors.

In my view, the reason COVID-19 has become a pandemic is because of the opportunities it has to transmit. We have had related and similar viruses in circulation, but the infected person gets immune symptoms, stays in bed, keep warms and takes extra vitamin C. (Wrapping yourself up in towels until you sweat in bed can help). After covid, hopefully employers will think more carefully about time off for people with viruses.

In 2013, I had a nasty cold, which went on for 6 weeks, I lost my voice, sense of smell and taste, which were replaced by a metallic taste and smell. I had a cough and runny noses. My own interpretation of this, is that the fever, cough, runny nose and sneezing were my immune system trying to rid me of the cold. Meanwhile the virus caused the loss of smell, taste, metallic sense and nausea to prevent me from eating nutritious foods to help my system eject the cold.

The vitamin C, echinacea and eucalyptus did not work. As a healthy person, living near the sea in Cornwall, I did not seek medical advice or treatment. Today, it seems, people are increasingly seeking medication to reduce symptoms, without looking for the cause of ailment or sickness and a suitable remedy, before taking orthodox medicine.

Additionally, pharmaceutical companies spend millions of pounds trying to knock out the competition. It is now extremely difficult to find any natural health information and when you do, even the most intelligent people seem biased against and it and their mind is closed in favour of medication. When I had this “really bad cold” in 2013, I thought my immune system had let its defences down as a reaction to my father’s cancer diagnosis and that our minds and bodies respond to grief before we do consciously.


As the cold wasn’t shifting and vitamin C, echinacea, eucalyptus and hot Thai green chicken curries weren’t doing anything, I went to Chinese herbalist and accupuncturist Moonrise in Falmouth. He created a herbal rememdy, which I was to take each day with honey and water. After a week my voice, taste and smell had returned and I could announce my cold officially over. I could not visit my dad in his last days or hug him the last time I saw him due to this cold, which he may have caught on his travels and given to me in May, 6 weeks before he died.

It is downright frustrating and wrong that we are given vague guidelines and advice, not data, facts and the results of detailed studies to observe and understanding COVID-19, so those who choose can be informed. This has created so much tension between friends, families and partnerships. We are educated to believe there is only one answer. This is so incorrect. Humanity has only survived this far because of collaboration and a wide perspective from diverse experiences and viewpoints. These add up to a bigger, better solution to any problem than an individual or any small, homogenous group could achieve.


I think that coronaviruses have been increasingly circulating since 2010. The problem has escalated but the Conservative government has not concerned itself with public health. Meanwhile, hospitals have become increasingly overwhelmed each year and excess deaths have risen. There have been “Flu-like-illness” transmittiing, which have been lazily named and not given much attention. Healthy people have had heavier colds with new symptoms and drawn their own conclusions in the absense of information. My conclusion was that my immune system dropped due to my father’s cancer diagnosis, illness and death. Who knows if an undetected coronavirus caused his swift demise as this was not tested for.

In 2016, healthy people out and about in Paris were tested for viruses and 21.5% had coronaviruses. The strong-armed coercion used to persuade people to have a vaccine without informed consent has caused predictable division and people filling in gaps in data and facts with their own theories. Of course this would happen. Did they want it to? Big corporations today do not need to carefully test and research to launch new products or even care how much people want them. Aggressive advertising, funding research and other fiscal incentives are all you need to warn people off natural remedies such as Chinese herbal medicine, which works exactly like inoculation by providing your immune system with the stimuli to fight the infection.

Pharmaceuticals, women’s health and clinical trials

It is well known that women are under-represented in clinical trials for new medications. Test data for COVID-19 vaccinations has not been disaggregated by gender. How do women know if they are getting the right dose and whether the vaccine will affect their hormones at all? How do we know whether previous medication has affected people’s immune systems? We already knew that we were becoming resistant to anti-biotics, the other most innovative medical breakthrough, alongside vaccines. How has the system managed to make so many people suspicious of political or business agendas? This is what happens when you starve and block people from facts and data, which can be proven and are therefore not biased.

We all need to decide what is best and right for ourselves as we know ourselves best. We know what respiratory colds we have had before. Please avoid painkillers. Pain is your body’s way of telling you something isn’t working properly. Try and find the cause. If you have a fever, are coughing, sneezing or have a sore throat or runny nose, this is your immune system at work.

A cold virus cannot be cured or prevented as it is part of natural health. It is how people living in polluted cities clean out their guts, lungs and passages. If you are ill, try finding a herbalist or Chinese doctor who can provide a powder to kick your immune system into action to fight the virus. Whatever you do, don’t take anti-biotics, as a virus is not bacteria.

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