Words are free to add so why don’t companies make better use of them for new customers?

I went to list a parking space on JustPark and found that, as a first time visitor to their website as an advertiser, navigating through their listing process could only be done with a rear view mirror.

At points where the thought to add a few words for people using their form left you down a cul de sac, when they could have erected a signpost to tell people which way to go.

Calling their “emergency” customer helpline was like a ring road, with phone staff struggling to understand questions and give straight answers to questions.

Navigating websites when hindsight is required.

After finishing the form I was simply left in a metaphoric field, not knowing if I was to wait for the cows to cross the road or turn back. I called and asked if, among the mooing mass of emails sent to my inbox, if there was one that confirmed I had done all I had to do and what to expect and I was told “i do not have an answer for you.” Their page specifically about what drivers paid to rent a space contained 2 paragraphs, which did not even include the correct answer I was given on the phone 36%.

Some websites lead customers up a cul de sac with no way out.

Space owners were advised to “make their pricing competitive” without even being told what price drivers were seeing for their parking spaces, which were 36% higher than the price shown on our dashboards.

When i asked about what drivers paid on top of my price I was told I “was the first and only owner to care what drivers were paying.” It is very hard to tell someone anything when their head is buried it the sand, so this confirmed they didn’t listen to their customers.

Parking Space available on Lexham Gardens, W8, for sale

The very fact that they advised people to price their space competitively but didn’t even tell us (as rival Parklet does during the listing process) what my own advert was actually priced at. Like an estate agent selling a house for a third more than their evaluation.

Can’t believe there are no more customer reviews out there saying this?

Parking space available to buy in Kensington W8 – Lexham Gardens. contact


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