There is one thing I cannot stand today and that is ‘profit over people’. I don’t understand it as it is carried out by people themselves and so surely a company selling a product knows things they are not telling us?

The result of this is that the establishment, media and then your closest friends start repeating the lies when certain subjects are raised, that are spouted about by all sorts of experts, scientists, journalists and politicians who are more concerned with allowing the vested interest in the lies to carry on unchallenged rather than think a bit, dig a bit deeper and try to find real, unbiased information backed up by evidence to cut through all the misinformed opinions.

It is amazing that one of the biggest areas where we have been lied to for years, to the extent that if someone or some people have found out how it actually works speaks up they are generally shot down in flames. Think Galileo saying the earth is not flat. I wonder how long that misconception would have lasted if someone hadn’t lost their head over it.

Beginning to accept that conflicting messages is confusing everyone

A major area where we are constantly and consistently misinformed by doctors, companies, the media and each other is about food and health. People still refuse to consider that what they eat can have a direct effect on their health and well being.

This particularly interests me as both my parents died of cancer and 3 of my grandparents did too. We are simply not given information and allowed to use it how we want. We are not told how our bodies and our immune systems work, so that we can choose to be as healthy as we would like to.

When we’re young, our bodies can tolerate certain foods that may be fun to eat, a quick burger at a festival or a milkshake while waiting for a train.

Our bodies will adapt to respond as best as they can to what we put in them.

As all humans eat food, but this varies from very processed to naturally cultivated, and have various degrees of bodily reactions, diverse genetics, lifestyles, taste buds and budgets, we are never going to all agree on what we should or shouldn’t eat, but I personally feel that if I choose to eat foods that can help my body prevent disease and so I can look as good and feel as great as possible. Why wouldn’t I?

Just because this means I am not spending money on a range of products from food supplements to medicines, to plastic surgeons to a range of food and drink items, that is my prerogative, surely?

Cows allowed to milk when they want to would produce better quality milk

I am 48 years old in 2019 and only a few months ago discovered that I have an intolerance to casein, particularly the type created today by cows who are given drugs (probably containing estrogen) to make them produce more milk..

So as to keep a large, profitable industry going that doesn’t do common good for humanity, this requires paying experts to provide “evidence” in your favour, to pay for public relations people to get information to the press, packaging and perhaps suppressing information, which contradicts your sales message. However, people work for these big profitable companies and they are creating products that are harming them and their own children, potentially.

Doctors too readily presume we seek health information to fix a problem rather than maintain good health. Is it their business anyway if we are given information we ask for?

We have given power to interests that do not work in humanity’s best interests by not seeking facts, evidence and fining companies that lie to their customers using evidence that they are selling anything under false pretenses.

Every time an article is written about food intolerances, it starts with a stereotypical and incredibly misinformed “scenario” – I hate that word – with a mixture of people going to a dinner party and announcing at the door that one person doesn’t eat meat while another one won’t touch gluten. This is not what food intolerance is about, so why start an article with this. All we need to do is go to a health food shop (which ought to called a food-free shop) and see a whole load of products targeted at people who are searching for answers to a whole range of different questions, such as “how can I not add to cruelty to animals, through to someone actually with Celiac disease who finds that there is not a restaurant in England that would consider them a valuable customer.

Today it is possible to find objective unbiased information, it is knowing how to spot it.

The media and establishment is literally putting out a public license to bully anyone who dares to suggest that a food group is not good for everyone, that we are all different and can eliminate foods that don’t agree with us from our diets and avoid them if we wish. Today you will still be laughed and wrongful assumptions will be made about your motivation if you ask what gluten, dairy, food additives, preservatives, pesticides, estrogen, substitutes, soy and fructose are actually doing to us, in the same way that parents in America will be hounded if they don’t want their children to be given chemotherapy. It is not “jumping on the band wagon” it is an increasing number of people who are finding information for themselves and realising they have been lied to for so long.

making choices with free will is more important than being afraid people will laugh at you.

If we were given real information about food and nutrition, we could pro-actively seek better health and look after ourselves and each other better so we did not need to rely on an ill and aching health care which is so sick itself that it always assumes anyone interested in health has something wrong with them and needs to be bandaged up and given drugs.

Whenever I approach a health company to try and get information, the response always comes with an assumption that I am trying to fix myself and there is something wrong with me. No. I just want more information so i can write about it for anyone else like me who just wants to know. Knowledge is power and it is time people had their power back as our governments are abusing theirs for their own gains. I wonder if some MPs even ask if their loved ones died because of the treatment, not the disease?

It is possible today on the Internet to dig around and find all sorts of valid information about health, nutrition, diet, fitness, food intolerances and to spot the lies as they come as statements of fact without the evidence to back them up. Commonly held beliefs are often myths too.

We owe it to our children to find as much information as we can so we can answer their questions truthfully.

At age of 48 I found that I had had a lifelong intolerance to casein and this explained various symptoms I have had all my life, including acne as a child a constantly runny nose. My parents searched voraciously for information about health and nutrition and were fed so many lies that my mother ended up on chemotherapy and died of lymph gland and bone cancer at the age of 50 and my dad, who died aged 72, started to research on the Internet and when he was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus aged 72, he left behind him books about natural health and nutrition but had not found anything about gluten and dairy. I was born hard of hearing and have dyspraxia, both of which could be contributed to or against by diet and the growing number of friends who struggle with depression makes me think that factual information about diet and health is long overdue and we are owed it and those who hide it are committing crimes against humanity.




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