We all knew this was happening or had a suspicion, didn’t we?

Content suppression is something I have been searching for but now other journalists have twigged it is much easier to find now. Here is an excellent article about it with the “auto correct blacklist” at number one that everyone was talking about on Facebook a while back.

This shows the Tories have been spending behind the scenes. You could not get an auto fill for anything derogatory about the Tories before the last elections. Try it now too. I did:

#censorship #bias #contentsuppression #blacklist #autofilsuppression #Googlemanipulation #Googlecensorship #searchenginecensorship #bing #duckduckgo #Google

See this article, which shows quite a few examples of this type of gross manipulation. Click on picture below to CNN’s article. How did we get distracted by concerns about privacy when there are billions of people on the planet, whereas the information we can find today is massively manipulated by economic bias.
Check this screengrab out for signs of suppressed content.

Apparently, on 22 September 23 people visited my homepage but 1 read an article on Whole Earth and 1 person on food intolerances. This is a remarkable change from the recent past. Very suspicious.


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