After much research and stumbling over information linked to thyroid disease I found this gem here.

I had worked through various hypotheses about intolerance, avoided soya, sussed out sugar and felt better without dairy but ended up overdoing the spinach a bit.

It is a relief to realise the main thing, for me at least, is about avoiding food groups that inhibit thyroid function or even those that make my system attack my thyroid. As someone who thought I didn’t have a thyroid or that was that, hormone for life, it is good to find a fitting explanation for what I have found by trial and error.

There may be interesting biochemical explanations and useful ideas for people with active thyroid glands. There may be interesting explanations for human ancient history too, such as the role diet played in early migrations and the advent of farming.

Those I want to explore. Ideas such as “did hunter gatherers get forced to start farming or did they choose it?” How variant is that theme from tribe to tribe? “Did farming deplete the Fertile Crescent?”

Lastly “do people with modern thyroid diseases have particular DNA, such as those from older European hunter gatherer groups?” .

Next, I want to find out if humans were split into two predominant behaviour patterns:

  • Those who left crowded areas to explore and settle new lands peacefully.
  • Those that destroyed their environment and followed people who had already settled elsewhere to invade and take over their fertile environments, forcing those already there into submission.

Any thoughts?

Here is Carn Euny Iron Age Village in Cornwall.

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