Do With Technology
Autocorrect has been done to death, but other things could do with the technology.

Quick To Pounce
A phone I had was so quick to pounce on my trypos. I’d misspelt a word, gone back and corrected it, and it had already saved the misspelling in its dictionary.

It even rechristened me in this way. Hence, everytime I tried to sign off any messages, they would be sent from the desk of Spoghotel. If i ever open a hotel…in Spog.

Pattern Recognition
So where’s that pattern recognition technology for when it asks every time if I want it to repair my media card? 100s of times, my answer is ‘no.’

Repair Has Failed
At the beginning I tried replying ‘yes’ and it said ‘repair has failed’ like some kind of compulsive confessor. What happened to ‘would you like to remember your answer?’ or ‘don’t ask me this again?’

No can do, because that would help me, the human.

Sometimes I wonder if computer programmers sit together with beers watching customer forums and go: “that woman is going completely ballistic over that ticket booking website. Gerry, that was yours. Give me five!’

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