Dear Nonny,

I’m starting this on 7th April 2020, two weeks into the lockdown of the UK to beat the new Coronavirus COVID-19.

Firstly, I’ve not been looking on social media much as it is FULL of angry, indignant voices venting about people sunbathing in parks. I heard that Brockwell Park in London closed yesterday. Everyone says #Stayathome or – more often – #staythefuckathome, as if that solves everything.

This negative, unproductive angst is filling my feed on Facebook and Twitter and it is so annoying. In my view, we have a government, not primarily focused on our nation or on its health. At least the press are stepping up to the plate, however. The BBC published a piece about work going into an antibody test that needs to be got right. It can’t be rushed. To me, this is the most important thing. We are said it won’t be ready until at least the end of May. (See my latest blog for links)

For me, this is convenient for my MA as I have a 3000 words feasibility study to hand in on 24th April. Had this lock-down not happened, I would be massively tempted by the beach, the sunshine, the sea and the pub. I have been mumbling about the UK’s social landscape as it was. I enjoy so many things and love doing them socially. I am just so glad and lucky I don’t live in London right now.

Down in Falmouth, I have a few good friends. They know me enough to be honest. I know them well enough to know they care. I didn’t have that in London, though now I live 235 miles away, I see my London friends once in a while and, more importantly, talk to them on the phone more often then I did in London.

Normal life was getting full up with learning new procedures, for instance using a new unfamiliar website and remembering ones not used for ages, such as doing a tax return. I had been lucky as I have been self-employed for years. I knew how to block out distractions when I had to get things done. I knew how to protect my focus and keep it on what I need to do. However, we had so much bad weather throughout January, February and into March that the sun and warmer weather was bound to beckon me away when I would feel more anxious about it: in the run up to a deadline.

They say loneliness is not seeing or speaking to close friends or family once every two or three days. That was definitely my lot in London. I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like if I was in London right now. Then again, I have no idea what would really be happening, but I would not have anyone living in my flat, so I would probably be going bonkers. Some great art has come out of that though, so perhaps it would have made me into an artist. Only thing is, I would be living on less week than my outgoings. How do people cope right now?

I have been researching how vitamins and minerals supplement our diets so that anyone with whatever they choose or can eat or not eat can get all the nutrition they need. In the UK, I found when I started thinking about this, we do not get enough sunlight between September and April. That is 6 months a year. Are they now saying Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) is real? All those years the onus for health is put onto individuals without a health or medical system that seems to be accountable for public health. We are not given enough information.

Examples of how people are treated are the scorn poured onto people questioning the role of 5G in the spread of Coronavirus. I don’t think it is the case and would want to find the truth, whatever i was to reassure myself. Most people are just reactive little shits though, who have forgotten how to take personal responsibility. Sorry, I think they are reactive little shits. The way to respond to people to get the desired result, in my view, is NOT TO POUR SCORN on them.The other is the general reaction to this virus. People blasting on social media #gohome when it does not answer the problem. People are not keeping their distance from each other for various reasons. Find out what they are, address them and speak to people with respect. See the difference.

There are always laggers and people who haven’t read the same thing you have. Remember, we all have a unique point of view, angle and perspective on everything, which is made up of a whole mixture of ingredients. The magic here is when a whole diverse group of people all voice their own subjective perspective and when others have understood, everyone gets a much wider, more global perspective. Then real magic can happen.

I am sad to see how human interaction, as displayed on social media, has become a gordian knot of being right. There is only one answer, apparently, even though, yes, there is only one truth but the only way to find it is to see what holds water. We need to do extensive testing, analysing, processing and other stuff if we want to find new facts. People seem incapable of discussing, debating or brainstorming anything today as there is always the loudest voice in the room. Like that gross bloke at Fox News.

The other example is anti-vaccers. Why are thousands of people prevented from having their voice heard? Why aren’t people’s concerns addressed? Instead they are scorned, stifled and silenced. Pushing things under the carpet makes the room smell not the stuff go away. When will people learn this? Try this: if people have objections, see these as opportunities to open a dialogue and persuade them. Given information, I really believe more people will make the right choices. We are not all children, and yet that is what the government treats us like. It is not a healthy adult ego to adult ego relationship. The state to nation relationship is the parent to child ego state – dysfunctional – relationship.

Let’s get an adult to adult ego state relationship going with our governments. Policy making is mostly experimental and nothing goes right from the get go. We must allow each other to make mistakes, to not force perfectionism onto each other and respond respectfully if we think we can add more to something. Enough of imposing our wills as if we think they are BETTER. You do not decide what goes.

This is just my opinion. I will continue tomorrow. See you.

8th April, 2020

Dear Nonny,

What a good moose you are today. One of the unique aspects of these times is the urgency to connect. This has great advantages being via video chat. Not only does this require the use of Facetime, Zoom, etc, I think these will become part of normal life even after social distancing is over.

Although meeting people in person is more enjoyable, it had become blasé with more socialising centring around boozers and booze. People who cannot meet in person got pushed back, in our manic need to off-load daily stresses down the pub. This left much less time to think about or phone friends abroad or far away. The lockdown has created time, opportunity and means to connect with people, removing all distance barriers. I could literally spend all my time in calls with different people. It could be said that the best ideas are honed in conversation.

Angst out the way: Microsoft. Compared to using a Mac, it amazes me how Microsoft Windows 10 makes finding documents such a trial! Not under recent or date order, doesn’t appear after a search, just so cumbersome. hurrrr. Saving documents can be so erroneous. Why not just make it quick and easy? Don’t they try it themselves and take feedback?

False claims. Just logging in here, I’m asked if it’s me by Google. No password! End hunt and peck. Then to email, click open email, click on button and…………. back to login. A joke!

Human communication. Somehow along the line people think it’s ok to criticise, judge or derogitise others. They seem to think there is only one possible view. No! every single person has a unique view, from their eyes, their observations, analysis, thoughts, creativity, experience etc. How can there be just one? what happened to discussion or debate? why have we thrown away what makes us incredible? collaboration, sharing, wider perspective, bigger picture, friction, necessity, team work?

How are people allowed to stifle others because they don’t agree or match what is said? They should interested, open their minds, see things from other angles or experiences. Disagreeing is fine but why wipe aside other people? Let’s have peaceful not combatitive communication and celebrate inclusion, access and diversity.

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