The Lancet reported that data from COVID-19 vaccine trials was not reported separately for each demographic. To me, this suggests ignorance on the part of the medical professional about women’s health, differences between female and male bodies, minds and systems and denial about conditions, which affect women more than men.

There is a complete refusal to provide data, evidence, research or study matters of medication, health, lifestyle or conditions separately by gender, ethnicity or age.

Long COVID has affected more women than men – Image by Claudio_Scott from Pixabay

Surely, this just smacks of male arrogance? George Monbiot’s recent article in the Guardian about how a scientist behind, what has become referred to in the medical press as PACEgate, refused to show his workings. He made claims on behalf of patients with ME and CFS that they would benefit from exercise.

In a way, which I believe to be characterised by male arrogance (therefore not maleness as this includes many good qualities, except when blinkers, entitlement and denial are applied), Monbiot says about Michael Sharpe:

He told me the evidence consisted of “patient reports”, and that “we are seeing many improve with reassurance about the absence of damage and with supported rehabilitation”. But assertions like this do not meet the standard of scientific evidence. Unfortunately, he told me, “I am unable to engage in further correspondence”.

Monbiot, 2021. The Guardian newspaper “Apparently just by talking about it, I’m super-spreading long Covid”.

These patient reports referred to by Michael Sharpe were not presented for review or analysis.

I hate this absence of communication. It seems there is a refusal to accept defeat amongst men like Michael Sharpe. They are pulled kicking and screaming from anything, like Donald Trump from the White House, where they have been proven wrong, publicly and widely. However Sharpe will not accept he was wrong. Why are people like this in any position of influence? This seems to be the problem.

Today “diversity” is trending on Twitter.

We badly need diversity. We need to hear about important issues from different sections of society. We will never survive if the world is according to white, rich men. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a serious turn for the worse, thanks to the actions of white, priviledged men.

We have had censorship. The government has allowed rich tech companies Twitter and Facebook to decide what content would be seen or hidden.

Natural health is allowed to be smeared and discredited. Wikipedia is biased against natural health. It calls natural treatments, which are at the least harmless at the most inconsistently successful “pseudoscience”. I call that kind of editorial ‘pseudoreportage” as reportage is by its very nature balanced and objective, providing neutral facts or both sides of the argument so the reader can make their own minds up.

Since March 2020, the “flatten the curve” plan for the UK sounded wrong. It sounded like male arrogance, that we could control a novel coronavirus, which we knew very little about. People who follow or cite religion or Christianity – as the Conservative party does often – and think they can skew science to their points of view cannot protect a country from a pandemic. No way.

Sure enough, Imperial College – a bastion of male arrogance and entitled righteousness in my view (story behind this another time) – had published a paper on non-pharmecutical interventions for COVID-19. This dismissed approaches used in countries such as South Korea, which had far, far, far more experience with face masks and SARS then we did in the UK. What absolute sheer ignorant uninformed arrogance?

Neil Ferguson’s paper, published by Imperial College on 16th March 2020, 4 days after the vastly inadequate pretence at a track, trace and quarantine response headed by Public Health England had been cancelled due to insufficient resources (which were available all across the country and advised by SAGE to deploy call centres to roll out). There were 85 cases of COVID-19 in the country. This paper also suggested social restrictions for 12 to 18 months until a vaccination was ready.

This is all in light of various articles in the medical press.

We’ve learned that medicine and clinical trials do not disaggregate trial data on women from men.

We’ve learned that male and women’s bodies and our hormones vary greatly from each other

We know that 1 in 10 fertile age women in the UK have endometriosis. That is millions of people.

We knew that we do not get enough vitamin D from sunlight in the winter in the UK.

We know that thousands of people contracted ME in the late 1980s and it has passed to their children. Doctors did not take it seriously, want to understand it or look at it properly. Viruses and post viral effects before 2020 have been practically ignored.

Many famous people died in 2016. Were we ignoring a “flu like illness”.

Respiratory diseases are the 4th biggest killers of men and women in the UK and the UK has the highest incidence of this out of 15 countries in the EU. Our lifestyles are the least healthy. Surely there is a connection there?

We know that a novel coronavirus did spread from human to human in 2013. (Believe it or not, I had it. Colds do not cause metallic taste, loss of smell, loss of appetite, continuous cough and loss of voice for 5 weeks without let up).

We know that colds provide immunity as no one catches a cold or flu twice in succession during a season. Very few people have been reinfected by COVID-19.

Publich Heath England, MyPlate in the USA and EAT Lancet all promote the very diet, which is leaving people malnourished, eating unneeded calories and then being told to work them off or restrict them from other foods, which might be more nutritious. Insulin resistance can be induced by a high glycaemic diet. This is the exact diet that the 2010 government’s public health agency recommends for everyone. This is despite the differences needed between every individual according to their genes, conditions, budgets, tastes and circumstances.

Therefore, the diet advice we are given is for a young, active, white male. For anyone else it would lead to intolerance symptoms, inflammation, water retention, bloating, mucus build up, malnutrition, insulin resistance, lectin resistance and perhaps diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and more vulnerability to death from a respiratory virus.

All of this is going on with the ignorance or the misinformation of the people who put themselves in charge.

Where did Long COVID come from? From the beginning it has seemed like ME. Continual symptoms of the body fighting off a virus, which it just can’t kick.

In 2013, when I had a 6 week respiratory cold, I went to the Chinese Doctor in Falmouth as my usual 1000 mg of vitamin C, echinacea and inhaling eucalyptus over a bowl of boiling water wasn’t taking effect. I chose Chinese medicine as I believe that treatments, which boost our immune response rather than try to smash or thump the symptoms, which are in fact our immune system at work, are most effective and least damaging.

It is well known that we are getting resistant to anti-biotics. It is also known that pharmaceutical companies do not invest in research that they do not see a big profit from at the end.

Reports in the medical press have mentioned vaccine trials for SARS. One in the British Medical Journal, which said the work was justified by the potential threats of SARS “escaping from a lab” or “used as a bioweapon” and therefore needing to be ready.

Children are given flu jabs. To me this is absurd. I am very grateful to Sir Edward Jenner for working out that cow pox protected people from the more virulent, lethal, scarring and damaging small pox. As a result of his work, plus earlier work on inoculation against small pox, it has now been eradicated as an infectious disease from the UK.

I have had vaccinations to keep me safe in countries, where I would not be immune to diseases and taken malaria tablets. I trust these vaccines and innoculations completely. As a child at primary school, we were shown public service programmes about polio, who it affected, how it spread and why we needed to take a disgusting sugar lump to protect ourselves against polio in the 1970s.

Looking at a friend’s documents, it seems as if private and state school children were treated differently. Today, we are all treated like cattle, it seems. Noone is spoken to like an intelligent, discerning adult. Early adopters are not used to filter new ideas to the majority. The majority are used to police everyone into obeying the rules forced on us. This has created so much divide and threatens our existence, rights, freedoms and health.

Long COVID is a post viral syndrome, from a virus, which our immune systems do not know how to shake off. It is not part psychological at all. It is entirely biological, as women with ME and endometriosis as well as sufferers of cystic fibrosis, fibro myalgia and other ongoing conditions have tried to tell their doctors.

Unfortunately, wealth and priviledge have put some very incompetent, arrogant and corrupt people into positions of responsibility over others. We need to ensure that these people’s influence doesn’t harm us any more.

I asked 100 people with long COVID when they first had symptoms. 90 of them said before the first lockdown and remembered when they think they might have caught COVID-19. This was due to their work in healthcare, household or community transmission. It was not a complete mystery to most of them. Yet, no one has gone around asking people questions to find out what is going on. Today we are more literate and educated than any time in history. We have the internet and media to ensure many more voices can be heard than in any time past. Yet our medical research industry is still so biased to funding, power, arrogance, self-importance, entitlement and ego.

Now the trend or religion of the ‘Anti-histamine diet” has caught on like a virus. Everyone clinging to this diet like a one-size-fits-all magic bullet, which does not exist. A diet always needs adaption to the individual, by the individual. While meat is allowed, olives and avocados are not. While pickled foods are not allowed, grains and potatos are. The anti-histamine diet is not like the elimination diet, which suggests restricting yourself for one week to 42 safe, real, staple foods including fish, meat, fruit, salad and vegetables to eliminate any intolerances from your diet.

This is an exploratory post as I am focusing on recommending a low budget shopping list for a diet to make the immune system work as efficiently as possible to aid recovery. I’m sure you are all very familiar with this information and analysis of Long COVID, CFS and ME, but here it is again for quick reference.https://patient.info/news-and-features/what-you-need-to-know-about-post-viral-fatigueI’m sure we all agree that Long COVID, like other post viral effects, are caused by our defence systems continued fight (cytokines and inflammation response) after the COVID-19 or SARS-COV-2 virus itself has gone. With hindsight, but with a lack of current recognition of Long COVID, I realise that we have been underinformed over the last decade, since virulent and deadly coronaviruses have transmitted in the UK.

These virulent, respiratory and gastro-intestinal coronaviruses (OC43 was spreading around Falmouth in December 2019 and I had it) have been downplayed by Public Health England. The possibility that a coronavirus could cause the next pandemic, especially in the wake of SARS and MERS and how viruses mutate being known and long studied, was not raised as a concern in the consumer press, in fact, like vitamin D on the NHS website, has been downplayed and denied to the general public, but long discussed in the medical press, as I have found out since March 2020. While modelling for pandemics was being funded behind the scenes, the BBC were printing official government statements telling us not to worry or think more about deaths from a ‘novel coronavirus’ in the UK in 2013. I had a nasty cold for 6 weeks in the summer of 2013, which I finally shook using Chinese medicine and there was no way to find out what it was. If you search for novel coronavirus 2013 BBC you will find many articles about a much more lethal coronavirus from similar wild game, bat and civet source as covid-19 widely reported in the national press.

Reports in the BMJ show various angles, which the consumer press did not discuss. In 2018, the Rapid Response on BMJ’s website published, like this one. My point is I am now focusing on recommending foods, which will make the immune system work as efficiently as possible. This includes eliminating food intolerance as right now the body doesn’t want to deal with anything, which isn’t helping it put down the cytokines, lose the inflammation and get back to normal. For quick reference, here is a quote from Patient Info on Long COVID Jarvis points out “It’s possible that many more or possibly even all cases of CFS/ME are also caused by the body’s reaction to a viral infection, but the virus hasn’t been identified.””We don’t fully understand why post-viral fatigue might occur. However, it may have something to do with the body’s immune response to the initial infection. When you are fighting off a virus, the immune system releases chemicals called cytokines, which promote inflammation and cause many of the classic symptoms of viral infection (eg, tiredness, aches and pains, malaise).This is part of its frontline attack on the invading virus, and normally it stops once the virus itself has been dealt with. But recent studies suggest that in some cases, levels of cytokines fail to return to normal, causing ongoing symptoms.”

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