I’ve felt for years the western world, particularly, is making it increasingly difficult for visual thinkers to survive.

Creative people tend to be solution finders, problem solvers, thinkers, observers, investigators and inventors.

This might mean that creative people design their own processes into their work.

Therefore following a new unfamiliar process on its own is very difficult. I personally have to concentrate very hard to follow new unfamiliar processes and can only focus on one thing at once, as I would do when painting, inventing, researching or other thinking processes that are all encompassing, not just the structure.

Creativity has its own structure: writing, comedy, music, painting, dancing, playing sport etc.

But our academic process today makes you learn the structure on its own, which takes all the natural flow out of the whole process. To me, this makes the artist less confident in being able to carry out their work, as the process or structure on its own is artificial.

Today, life is full of processes requiring the intellectual understanding of structure: essays, tax returns, forms, logins, driving a car, shopping etc.

For me it takes a lot more effort to remember these structures intellectually instead of learning them naturally by doing.

Today, creativity is treated like a condition, a weakness, a failing at life. Artists of all sorts struggle to carry out the many processes required to get through life.

Not least living healthily. We are not given facts or impartial information to learn by doing. We are given processes: diets, exercise regimes, water drinking times, measurements, sleep times, allowances and lists.

If we just have the info we need, we can work all those out for ourselves.

I have done this with nutrition and I will follow up with mental health. We all have instincts, creativity, knowledge and wisdom, things that make us human.

Nutrition app to make it easy for anyone to get their essential daily nutrition: Data here.

I am designing the actual app with Plan Pixels in India. If anyone is interested in the execution of the actual app, please let me know what works or doesn’t work from the basic reference only prototype here

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