Am working on an app to increase health literacy. Seems the low level of self-care knowledge our governments keep us at with their interference in healthcare, lack of funding and conflict of interest with unhealthy commodity stakeholders has damaged our general knowledge to a point where people don’t know how to shield vulnerable people from colds or flu, so we have to destroy entire economies to stop COVID-19

For example, here is a Cancer doctor’s blog about protecting ourselves from colds or flu. This kind of advice would mean shielding vulnerable people and everyone else keeping their immune systems strong. That is common sense.

Instead, the vehicle for outlining government guidelines for healthy eating, the Eatwell Guide, are misguided, says Diabetic Times. How can governments be allowed to continue with this?

During this crisis, central government have set the rules and given themselves extra powers. Social media has manipulated people, buried diverse views, even from scientists, hospitals, NHS staff and Scotland and Wales and independent researchers and various analysts. The Conservatives are mainly white, the majority are male, many went to Oxford and studied politics, philosophy and economics and quite a few were public school educated.

How many Tory MPs have a student debt? Younger MPs are now finding a voice in Parliament, according to the Guardian, to challenge older MPs who benefitted from free education.

The government ought to be focusing on ensuring the country can return to work, while the lockdown is working.

  •  All workers ought to be entitled to sick pay, while they are staying at home with a communicable disease or virus.
  •  If airlines sell flights, they ought to guarantee a no-quibble cancellation in the event that the traveller cannot take the flight due to COVID-19 related restrictions.
  •  Frontline NHS staff ought to be adequately protected if they go near anyone with symptoms.
  • Control of restrictions ought to be devolved, with funding, to local councils, who can then collect data from everyone in each area. This ought to be made available for all disciplines of qualified health professionals to discuss in open, transparent meetings with questions from press and public. Central govenment cannot do this alone and without consultation.

Social media is burying all possibilities of a melting pot of ideas and perspectives to solve this.

We need an end to political correctness and invalidating other people’s subjective realities. Disagreement, discussion and debate all need to start with respect and validation of different people’s views

All problems can be sold with communication. The problem today is communication is being interfered with, by governments that have double standards and are not open or transparent and don’t listen to or fund qualified professionals to advise on different sectors. Politicians make laws and policies. They cannot and do not provide health advice, education, financial planning, business strategy, marketing or parenting.

If we are in this together, we can all do our bit. Then governments can be asked to do their bit and not control everyone else where they are less well qualified.

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