Could anyone who has interfered with anyone else when they are conveying a point to make it harder by asking irrelevant or distracting questions or to make something they have said wrong, or going off and being offended, leading on to treating someone differently as a result.
When we are offended or upset by people, we need to let them know. There is a possibility there is another viewpoint to see or even something has been misunderstood.

I don’t agree with Jonathan Pie about “mansplaining”. In my experience, “mansplaining” is when a woman is spoken to from assumptions made purely on her gender, not on any evidence of her needing the explanation.

Also, Jonathan Pie has views other than my own on single straight white male privilege. However, when I listened to his viewpoint I could agree completely with his point of view. When you have been short-changed by someone because you are not a white male you have another view, however, I do not agree with positive discrimination to balance diversity as it always backfires and gives the majority demographic unhelpful ammunition.
The big point Pie makes is about bigotry. This is a point very well made. The most well-meaning, right on, woke, politically correct person can also be a complete bigot. Find out.
Communication needs to be open where we listen to other people with interest, respect and curiosity to learn, without judgment, assumption. We must try to see others’ points of view – especially when it is different from our own – and even adjust ours with new perspectives – listening for their contribution, life experience and acknowledge the time and skill they have already put in.
Communication comes with a response mechanism whereby you can wait til people have finished their point and then can reply. This allows people to work together, to collaborate, form teams, produce something bigger than they can do alone. Responsibility is an ability to respond and to take a response. If you say something and don’t let people reply – because you think only your view is correct – then you are being irresponsible with your communication.

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