How much of the story do we get from these pictures?

I see a lot of posts from people asking for more understanding from everyone around them.

But do you do your best to understand and listen to other people without judging them? Do you wait until you know someone before holding judgements about them, like watching a whole film before judging the characters?
Or do you judge like a set of photo snaps? Snap snap snap? Photos only show part of a scene – a restricted frame – which means you do not have the whole picture.
You do not want to be misjudged or misunderstood. So do you wait to judge others and try and understand them?
We all want perfect understanding from others. But what do we give?
There is an expression saying that if you have one really good friend you are very rich.

Can we see the wood for the trees with other people?

With social media, we may feel as if we have lots of lovely friends but the only people who really care, in most people’s lives, are parents and siblings, best friends and a long term romantic partner. These people know us and love us as much as they know and love themselves.

We must try and accept ourselves as we know ourselves better than anyone else. If someone else knows you as well as you know yourself, that is incredible. It is not easy letting other people in.
We think of intimacy as sexual, but it actually isn’t necessarily. ie Intimacy – into me see. In other words, letting people in and letting them see us as we are, warts and all and not trying to hid what we think are our flaws. If we embrace humanity, like when you love someone, you can relate to their good points and their bad points. That is acceptance. Loving the whole person no matter what, not picking and choosing or trying to appear beyond reproach so as to take the moral high ground with others.
The ultimate purpose in life, I think, is to listen to, be interested in, aware, care and consider as many people as you can, with your nearest and dearest at the top of the list.
Whatever struggles, conditions, experiences or anything else there is in your life, being there for others always creates good karma.


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