The Conservative Party spends money on advertising which appeals directly to their current core voter: white, lower-income workers who struggle with financial stability and blame all their troubles on immigration. The problem is the government that allows companies to advertise for cheaper labour abroad before they offer jobs to people in the UK.

The Home Office giving the impression that more will be done to improve employment for people at home rather than advertising abroad for cheap labour.

Right wing voters who are angry about “people coming here and taking our jobs” are perhaps people who have suffered at the hands of their local councils to keep a head above water. These are people who read the Red Tops or the Daily Mail to fuel their hate against low hanging fruit who they can use as a scapegoat for the money worries.

Many people who see themselves as upstanding members of their communities, as good hard workers who “give back” are people who probably think “the devil is in the detail”. This is an assumption to draw the picture that people do not look at the details. People hold outdated ideas about what The Left is about. People use the word “loony” or “liberal” to describe why they (wrongfully) think it is the Labour Party that invites cheap labour in from other countries and guarantees them the homes, jobs (and benefits) that UK citizens have been waiting years for.

By paying for this advertising to appeal to right-wing people who think they’re defending their jobs and homes from “foreigners”, the Tories deliberately distance themselves from inviting in cheap labour for their corporate chums, which so angers their voters.

That is because bringing cheap labour into the country is the opposite of tackling unemployment, creating opportunity, giving workers more power in the workplace, standing up to exploitative companies and furthering education and training for people wanting work who live in the UK.

Drawing in cheap labour from Eastern Europe is a Tory thing, while leaving those that are lured here for work to be at the mercy of unscrupulous employers (“affordable” housing developers for example) torn apart by the British bulldog UKIP, BNP, Tory supporters and the predominantly right-wing press once they get here to distance themselves from this practice.

Under a Tory government, British workers are prices out of many job markets.

Even Laura Kuessberg at the BBC shows how the Tories cannot keep their election promises of 2010, 2015 and now 2017 of reducing immigration because they are also promising their corporate chums of delivering cheap labour (builders, bank clerks and fruit pickers) ‘as the economy requires’.

“As the Economy Requires”, as Theresa May says, is a backdoor out of an election promise to do what Tory voters want. Let’s look at the 1940s.

Jobs in the UK are advertised in Polish and other languages so they are not easily spotted by British workers.

The Conservative government was aghast that their new middle class voters could no longer get the women to live in and work as servants because of the poor wages, long hours, living conditions and separation from their families. People who felt they were too important to answer their front doors petitioned their Tory MPs (such as in Sunbury on Thames) to help them find servants. The conservatives then allowed people to come from overseas if they were going into work as a household servant. However, conditions for household servants are not great today, as the New Statesman reported on 14 February 2017. (Source of info: BBC’s Life Below Stairs).

Companies in the UK are allowed to advertise for workers in Eastern European countries.

Simultaneously, the Tory government started getting magazines to slur English women as lazy benefit scroungers who were refusing work. No mention of hours, rates of pay, living conditions or rights. No matter than women had recently worked in munitions factories and on the land while the men were fighting World War One.

When World War Two ended in 1945, Clement Atlee won with a landslide. He brought in paid work for women living in the UK when he launched the NHS. Thousands of unemployed women trained as nurses.(Source: BBC’s The Victorian Slum).

Labour’s previous manifesto pledged to end the UK’s reliance on cheap foreign labour.

Clement Atlee went to look first hand at living conditions in the East End of London to see why there was so much hardship by staying in Toynbee Hall and the conclusion he came to was ‘low wages”. Not slackers, spongers or lazy people living off the state. People who worked 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to barely put food on the table and keep themselves out of the doss house or, worse, the workhouse.

Look at GS4, who the Conservatives have been selling off public sector services to, such as court facilities management, which they have mishandled. GS4 is a huge international conglomerate that employs very cheap staff from anywhere around the world (who will work for their wages with no training) to run whatever the government ask them to.

If a worker is drawn to the UK to work, they need rights to live here too as they are contributing to our economy.

Even the Express are showing how employers advertise abroad for cheaper workers, as reported by Rebecca Perring on 16 October 2015. All the dates of these articles are under a Conservative government, allowing companies to advertise abroad for cheap labour instead of providing homes, better wages, more security, better education, training, opportunities, better public transport etc to the people who already live in this country. It is a human right and necessity to be useful and have a chance to contribute to your community as stress and anxiety increases mental health issues and being unemployed is directly linked to depression.What happened to the Human Rights Act 1998?

Even the Daily Mail report on this on 1 November 2013, saying:

Romanians can come and live and work in Britain from January 1, 2014

Rich companies, perhaps some that don’t pay their share of tax, are contributing to unemployment and mental health issues in the UK

Yes, under a Conservative government. If you really want to help people in the United Kingdom with mental health issues, give them a secure home, their children enough food at school, a safety net, training and access to employment, as Labour promises, while the Conservatives will continue to invite people into the country for cheap labour ‘as the economy (or, their corporate chums) requires’. This is what Ed Miliband proposed on 5 January 2014 as part of his pledges for the next Labour government. Notice the response at the time:

Employers’ organisation the CBI said Mr Miliband was putting jobs at risk by targeting a “perfectly legal” practice.

Some newspapers will go to lengths to sustain the myth that this is a Labour thing. For example, in this Sun article, the word Labour even appears in the headline of their article appearing on 17 June 2016, which says:

Dr Anwar Ansari’s AA Homes and Housing has won lucrative government contracts and boasts assets totalling £80million.

Cheap labour and reducing tax liability is a capitalist thing, not a socialist thing.

Which government awarded these contracts? The Conservative Government. Let us remember that when the Labour government started the NHS, they gave thousands of women already living in the United Kingdom paid training and work. According to the Argus as reported on the 20th March 2017, the NHS has been recruiting nurses from the Philippines.

Last, in this article in the Daily Mirror on 22 November 2014, a direct link between the Conservatives, Tory company owners and recruiting cheaper foreign labour before UK citizens is drawn:

One Warsaw agency told how Next, run by Tory peer and donor Lord Wolfson, has already recruited 7,000 staff from Poland, who earn much less at home than here.


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