Letters letters everywhere but not a word to comprehend. You'd have to be a wizard today to communicate with our public sector.

Letters letters everywhere but not a word to comprehend. You’d have to be a wizard today to communicate with our public sector.

I get to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau a couple of minutes before 10am, when the weekly drop in is open, and it’s already heaving. Two visits because citizens, however intelligent, are prevented from sorting out issues with public authorities without legal representation, due to the unfathomable “communication” style now favoured by the public sector when it wants money from people, or more accurately, decided it doesn’t want to give out the money it has promised them, and made them jump through hoops to attain.

The papers are full of the same old stories. 75% of people on disability are fit enough to work. 4 million families are “scrounging” (ironic that) from the welfare state. They’re living the life of Riley, getting on with their own creative projects, popping out babies, going down the park, installing Jacuzzi, hiding their private income, getting razzled every night and buying all the latest mod cons to deck out their manor houses on their public sector hand outs? Sounds more like public sector employees to me.

The only way politicians can imagine these lives must be based on their own personal experiences. They receive public money, not performance related, and claim expenses and they can afford holidays in Cornwall, second homes, holiday cottages and expensive cars.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.40.26Perhaps the odd flashy Merc brightening up the pot-hole ridden cement next to a deliciously inviting wall for a bit of kick about (splattered indifferently with anti-climbing paint and “Ball Games Strictly Prohibited” notices) would likely be from the black market, where the urgently disposable income of people who have too much is going.

Empire of The Sun Newspaper

Now the outer reaches of the British Empire have shrunk much pretty much back to our shores, rulers only have us here back in Blighty to colonize.

And Colonize they do.

The Insolvency Service is struggling so much and begging the government for more funding that their only source of finance is the assets of people they make bankrupt. This article first appeared in the Financial Times. Jolly useful when Councils can petition for someone’s bankruptcy if they owe £750 or more in Council Tax (as a “priority” payment that doubles standard household bills).

As for living on benefits: There are nowhere near enough jobs to go round so why not imprison all the unemployed in the welfare state? Make it so impossible for them to get into paid work and off benefits that they won’t trouble the jobs of the smugly employed. Those lucky enough to earn a living wage are then free to be “professional” by doing the minimum required in the longest time possible.

When an intelligent, qualified, eager-to-work person does escape the trap or maze with the hint of a hard-won “working holiday” of 6 weeks employment and declare it, the Job Centre will tangle them in “automatic replies”, interrogations, fines and humiliation in the press so they just give up and shut up.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 13.32.24

Click for Nandinispeaks Blogspot – source of pic

With all the press about benefit fraud, the very people who can fathom the system to get hand-outs from Working Tax Credits are not hard-working people juggling families and surviving each day on low-incomes because the system requires far too much attention to make work.

The people who have the time, leisure and freedom of mind to go online and find the instruction manual for free money (the hidden from view Code of Practice or COP15, which is first revealed to you when you’ve broken its rules) are surely the people not entitled to it. But to navigate this system smoothly, you must have plenty of time to know exactly what and when to tell HMRC anything (plus an empty week to get through on the phone and a few quid stashed away to pay for the calls) by finding and studying their secret dossiers.

Payments are calculated on information you provide to HMRC – information they make so vague you have to read COP15 to know about) so people with no scruples about getting handouts can work the system (the 3% with sufficient lack of social conscience to be fraudulent), not honest people calling in to volunteer information to find it didn’t fit the rules and they have to pay every penny back in one lump sum. That’s before the bailiffs are called in. (Guardian Article)

In conclusion, the public sector is spending money like water, unchecked and ungoverned, on bailiffs, courts, legal people, insolvency practitioners, administrators, paper, envelopes, postage, debt collectors and any other means to make the Great British Public (to paraphrase 2 pictures above) “lose our self-esteem, our native culture, become what the government want and become a truly dominated nation”.



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