The Farmer Mentality

  • Unless there is a drought, blight or other catastrophe, food will come at end of activity.
  • You have different crops and livestock sorted into different fields.
  • You have to plough, sew, grow, harvest and distribute the produce from this stock.
  • To save time, various people might do various  jobs at various times.
  • Each required task is simple so many people can do it. This means competing with other equally able people to get the job.
  • Someone takes overall responsibility.
  • Each task has to be done sufficiently well, not necessarily with flair or excellence.
  • Someone needs to keep tabs on the various produce, amount of it, tasks accomplished, wages paid and profits.
  • The rise of superstition and religion to try to predict, influence or control the outside forces that determine the success of your farming.
  • Nature can be copied to produce the results. People can study plants growing in wild and replicate their growing cycle under controlled environments to gain their crop.

Results = doing what’s required, keeping records, land ownership (wealth relating to amount and quality of land more than workers), fending for self and working on own, even though working alongside others. Livestock near humans to pass across diseases.

Multi-Tasking For A Farmer

  • This requires a rolling calendar of various events, administrating these and designating someone to carry out the task at the right time.
  • The mind must be compartmentalized to allow different produce to be considered simultaneously without a particular deadline or delineation between success or failure.
  • These tasks might be carried out by different people, but the farmer needs to keep tabs on all the different crops, livestock, workers and activities, plus other factors.

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