The following poem I wrote trying to get in, to edit this blog, may tell you more than I can about who I am.

Password Pastimes
I go to update my blog
And get to dreaded log-in
I try every password combination
A dead horse I am flogging.

Each time I try the wrong one
The barrier to cross gets higher
So I press ‘can’t access my account’
And it sends out a new identifier.

Nothing appears in Yahoo to help
It says to wait half an hour
It’s sent it to my Google address
No use without password power.

I check my Yahoo inbox and spam
Still nothing has arrived
I go to try the discussion board
Posts require a password I haven’t derived.

Still waiting before I can ask for help
Hate to sit here being futile
I try each password, copy the illegible text
After forty tries, it’s like I’ve run a mile.


Now you know what it’s like trying to remember another new password. Half the time passwords aren’t even words and I think I’m never going to pass. Particularly with that eye-boggling wiggly thing that WordPress does when I get it wrong.

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